The Icelandic Chess Federation announces the 1st edition of the “Northern Lights Open”, which is tailor made for norm-hunters.


Tournament information


  • The tournament is a 9 round swiss system open international chess tournament


Minimum requirements

  • A FIDE-rating of 2100+ is required to participate.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to allow players rated below 2100 to participate. Lower rated players will not exceed 20% of the total pool of participants.


Rate of play

  • 90 min for 40 moves  + 15 minutes after move 40. Increment of 30 sec. for every move starting from move one.



1. € 1000
2. € 600
3. € 400

The prizes will be divided with Hort-system among equally ranked players.


Entry fees

   — International players

  • GM’s and IM’s play for free.
  • FM’s pay €100
  • Other participants play €150

A Northern Lights tour (more information shortly) is included in the fee!

   — Local players

  • GM’s play for free
  • Local players pay ISK 39.000. (ISK 4.000 discount if payed before October 1st.)



  • The Organizers will post a list with special offers for participants shortly.



Round Weekday Time Event
November 10th Friday 16:00 1st round
November 11th Saturday 10:00 2nd round
November 11th Saturday 16:00 3rd round
November 12th Sunday 10:00 4th round
November 12th Sunday 16:00 5th round
November 13th Monday 16:00 6th round
November 14th Tuesday 10:00 7th round
November 14th Tuesday 16:00 8th round
November 15th Wednesday 16:00 9th round


The organizer reserves the right to make minor changes to the schedule, if deemed necessary by the Organizing Committee. Dates will not be changed.



  • The registration form is here.


Registered players

  • The list of registered players is here.



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