Entry fees

  • GM/WGM/IM/WIM – Free
  • FM/WFM €50
  • Entry fee for non titled Icelandic and foreign players will be €100
  • Players under 16 years old €50


  • The Icelandic Champion will receive € 500
  • The Icelandic Women’s Champion will receive € 500
  • The Icelandic Youth Champion (u22) will receive a ISK 50.000 travel allowance for a overseas chess tournament.  

The Icelandic Open (regardless of nationality)

1 € 2.000
2 € 1.250
3 € 750
4 € 600
5 € 400

Total € 5.000

Womens prizes (regardless of nationality)

1 € 500
2 € 300
3 € 200

Total € 1.000

Special prizes

Best result according to own rating (2001-) € 250
Best result according to own rating (1000-2000) € 250

Total € 500


All prizes total € 7.500

In case of equal points in rating prizes and special prizes, then tie break-points will decide. For the main prizes (place number 1 – 5 ), prizes will be divided with Hort-system among equally ranked players . All prizes will be paid with electronic wire transfer.

The official venue is Valsheimilið in Reykjavík

The Playing Venue – Valshöllin

The Playing Hall

Registered Players

The organizer reserves the right to make minor changes to the schedule, if deemed necessary by the Organizing Committee. Dates will not be changed.

Round Date Start
1st Friday 1.jún 16:30
2nd Saturday 2.jún 09:30
3rd Saturday 2.jún 16:30
4th Sunday 3.jún 16:30
5th Monday 4.jún 16:30
6th Tuesday 5.jún 16:30
7th Wednesday 6.jún 16:30
8th Thursday 7.jún 16:30
9th Friday 8.jún 16:30
10th Saturday 9.jún 11:00
Playoff/closing Saturday 19:00

General rules

  • 10 rounds Swiss: Swiss system by Swiss Managar
  • Rate of play is 90 mins for 40 moves + 30 minutes after move 40. 30 second increment for each move throughout the game
    Open for all players
  • FIDE norms possible.FIDE rules apply, but article 6.6a will be enforced in following manner: Any player who arrives at the chessboard later than 30 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game
  • The players are not allowed to offer a draw to their opponent before thirty (30) moves have been completed by both players.
  • Players who wish to take two half-point bye in rounds 1-7 may do so, provided they give adequate notice.


If there is a tie for the title of Icelandic Champion, in the open section and/or the women’s section, there shall be a play-off. Aricle 12.1.1 of Fide’s competition Rules. (Annex 3: Tie-Break Regulations) will be used in case of a play-off.


  • k. If two players have to play a tie-break match, they play a two-game mini-match at the rate of all the moves in 3 minutes with 2 seconds added on for each move from move 1. If this match is tied:
    A new drawing of lots for colours shall take place. The winner shall be the first winner of a game. After each odd-numbered game the colours shall be reversed.
    If three players have to take part in a play-off:
    They play a one-game round robin at the rate as in 1 (a). If all three players again tie:
    The next tie-break shall be used (see G.), and the lowest-placed player eliminated. The procedure is then as in (1) (a).
    If four players have to take part in a play-off they play a knockout. The pairings shall be determined by lot.
    There shall be two-game elimination matches at the rate as in (1) (a).
    If five or more players have to take part in a play-off, they are ranked by the next tie-break (see G.) and all but the top four are eliminated.
    The right is reserved to make necessary changes.
    Where only two players are involved in the play-off, they may play at a slower rate of play, if time permits, by agreement with the CA and CO.

Tie-break system

The Fide recommended Tie-Break System will be used.


  • (c) Individual Swiss Tournaments where not all the ratings are consistent:
  • Direct encounter
  • The greater number of wins
  • The greater number of games with Black (unplayed games shall be counted as played with White)
  • Buchholz Cut 1
  • Buchholz
  • Sonneborn-Berger


Prizes will be divided with Hort-system among equally ranked players.


Chief Arbiter: IA Ingibjörg Edda Birgisdóttir

Arbiter: IA Róbert Lagerman

Arbiter: IA Þórir Benediktsson

The Appeals Committee

The Icelandic Chess Federation’s appeal comitte (Dómstóll Sí).