How To Improve In Chess Endgames

Chess Endgames

Chess endgames are the final stage of the match. Depending on the level of players, hours or minutes of battling are behind. Soon one of the kings will fall, and the victor will be announced.

But like any other part of the round, one needs to apply strategy to win. As a rule, most of the pieces leave the board when it comes to it. This is why nailing the enemy may become very difficult and sometimes hardly possible!

However, you can upgrade your tactics and make sure you don’t allow stalemates or draws. Scroll down to get armed with useful tips to perfect your play. As well as boost your understanding of this intellectual game! For more information on chess endgames and other chess strategies, visit

Why Is It So Crucial

Why Is It So Crucial

Even if you have an advantage, there are lots of mistakes to make. And spoil your rightful victory! If you’re losing badly, you can reverse the luck and strike cunningly, surprising the opponent. Or at least lead to a draw, which is better than losing.

To achieve such mastery over whatever situation you have, you need to study. We offer several tips to make the right foundation and accelerate your chess player development.

Chess Endgames: 3 Rules to Remember

3 Rules to Remember

Keep thinking several moves ahead

It’s a mistake to believe that tactics matter only in the beginning. You should carefully analyze each maneuver throughout the whole game. Otherwise, you’ll lose all advantages that your actions have helped you gain. However, amateurs and advanced players often forget about it.

Use the king when it’s hot

As a rule, we don’t use the main piece as a soldier. We hide it and build protection to prevent attacks and checkmates. But everything changes when the battle is coming to an end. There are not many warriors left in both armies. So, you’ll need all the help you can get! In this stage, the king often participates in creating a trap for the opponent.

Pawns are more powerful than you think

They’re numerous and easy to sacrifice. But pawns are very precious, especially when used wisely. For example, they can turn into queens and help you win. Or 1 pawn easily blocks 2 opposing ones. Thus preventing them from proceeding to your side of the field. There are many things these little soldiers are capable of! Learn their secrets and apply their superpowers in battles!

Summing Up

Now you know what principles to stick to when unfolding chess endgames. However, this information is only the tip of the iceberg. There are special patterns to use in certain circumstances. For example, how to nail a king having only one soldier (pawn) left in your army? You’ll find this and many other video lessons if you follow the link.