10 Most Important Chess Endgames (statistically)

Did you know that one endgame comes up in more than 15% of all chess games?

Some endgames occur very frequently, and those are the ones we have to know best. I have listed 10 most common and most important chess endgames and tried to explain their basic ideas and principles.

Practice against Noctie here:

The statistical data was taken from Karsten Müller and Frank Lamprecht’s excellent “Fundamental Chess Endings” (Gambit Publications Ltd., 2001, 11-12)

10 most common endgames are (in descending order):

1. rook vs rook endgames 8.45%
2. rook & bishop vs rook & knight endgames 6.76
3. two rooks vs two rooks endgames 3.45
4. rook & bishop vs rook & bishop (s.c.) endgames 3.37
5. bishop vs knight endgames 3.29
6. rook & knight vs rook & knight endgames 3.09
7. king & pawns vs king & pawns endgames 2.87
8. rook & bishop vs rook & bishop (o.c.) endgames 1.92
9. queen vs queen endgames 1.87
10. rook & bishop vs rook endgames 1.77

Rook and minor piece vs rook and minor piece endgames come up in more than 15% of all chess games played! They’ve been divided into separate endgames above to make things clearer.

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  1. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Love your endgame playlist and practical endgames are just the perfect addition. Cheers from Canada!

  2. Stepjan is uploading, euros are on, summer is here. Life is good.

  3. Don't most endgames transpose to king and pawn endgames?

  4. Daily uploads are making my days, thanks! Excellent as usual

  5. Stjepan: ”From this point, the winning technique is very very simple.”

    *proceeds to show about a ten move mating sequence including a very unintuitive Rb4 waiting move


  6. noctie is nice. i tried it and played like 1350 the second time, almost 1700 the third time and 2250 in the fourth try. it's really not easy to play against an adaptive opponent.

  7. Rook vs Queen: Philidor Position, rook+bishop vs. Rook: Philidor position, rook+pawn vs rook: Philidor position, 1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6: Philidor defence. Just say, ah I no this. That's the philidor position. You might be right😄

  8. HP: "and now the way to win is very simple"
    also HP: shows the most difficult matting pattern of 15 moves with 12 possible variants i've ever seen
    me: O_O

  9. Guys!! Lets build a community where we can practice these themes and play training games to do better in tournaments. Wht u guys think of this idea???

  10. It really is important to study essential theoretical endgames, and I like this list a lot (maybe R&B vs R is a bit uncommon and also tough for average players), except it's probably based on high level games. What to emphasize might be different for average players. Most introductory endgame materials seem to recommend studying pawn endgames first. FCE is generally held in high regard, though, so you probably can't go wrong following it.

    Nice to see you have another sponsor. Congrats.

  11. It’s a great video as always. Could you please tell me the website to training the positions and endgames please ? I appreciate

  12. Hi there – I like these endgame videos. Would like to see some more, for example rook against pieces, or queen against rook and pieces…

  13. I really love your channel, you are a great teacher

  14. That is an increadible information! Two things though…
    Could you organise it from most frequent to less frequent?
    Is it possible to have timestamps for all the endgames?

    Thank you for your content!

  15. 00:00 intro
    00:30 10. rook & bishop vs rook
    13:16 09. queen vs queen
    18:26 08. rook & bishop vs rook & bishop (oc)
    20:16 07. king & pawn vs king & pawn
    22:29 06. rook & knight vs rook & knight
    25:24 05. bishop vs knight
    32:12 04. rook & bishop vs rook & bishop (sc)
    36:49 03. two rooks vs two rooks
    39:44 02. rook & bishop vs rook & knight
    42:29 01. rook vs rook
    44:54 closing words

  16. This must be your most instructive video ever. Thank you very much for putting the time into it!

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