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I review the chess endgame book “100 Endgames You Must Know” by Grandmaster Jesus De La Villa. In this book, De La Villa discusses what he considers to be the 100 most important and frequent theoretical endgames.

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Niclas Huschenbeth (born February 29, 1992 in Hann. Muenden) is a German Chess Grandmaster. Huschenbeth learned how to play chess at the age of five and participated in youth chess tournaments. He was awarded the title of International Master in 2008 and the Grandmaster title in 2012. At age 18, he achieved his most notable success, becoming the youngest German Champion in history. He has played 52 times for the German national team and participated in two chess olympiads. Currently, Huschenbeth studies industrial/organizational psychology at the Free University of Berlin.


  1. GMs study endgames more than painting walls.

  2. 7:10 "If you only read one book about endgames it should be this one" – I thought that that should be Dvortesky's endgame manual. What do you think about Dvortesky's book?

  3. It's also my favorite endgame book because IMO it's better explained than any other book I own about endgames, including Dvoretzki's endgame manual or Fundamental Chess Endings by Mueller and Lamprecht. Many things were rather unclear to me in other books. With De La Villa's book I had so many aha moments and I think it was (and still is) more effective for learning(and understanding) the fundamentals. There are of course some key elemens explained in endgame manual, such as key squares and square rules for example, but I enjoyed the explanations in 100 endgames much more to be honest. The German Dvoretki's book is called "Endgame University", which is more suitable IMO. It's rather something for the more advanced student, who already has a good foundation.

  4. Hi Niclas, what about a review of "Small Steps to Giant Improvements" by Shankland, as you already did a video about his last game of the US Championship ? Or the Gelfand books about Decision making in chess ?

  5. Thank you , very interesting!
    Available in French too 😉: "100 finales qu'il faut connaître"
    Maybe a review about Silman's books would be very interesting too 🙂

  6. The marks on the wall made me think I had a smudge on my screen.

  7. Wow. Excellent review. I'll consider buying it, knowing the positives and negatives.

  8. guys what is the difference between "the 100 games you must know" and "he 100 games you must know workbook"

  9. My favourite endgame book is Jeremy Silman's "Silman's Complete Endgame Course"

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