15 Rules For The Endgame (Chess Ending Principles)

From Reuben Fine’s very old book, Basic Chess Endings. Hope you learn a thing or two!

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  1. Right now I'm thinking that I'm bad at endgame and you just post at the same time as I'm thinking that lol

  2. I thought the first position was like minus 3

  3. β€œHmmm Hitler invading USSR, Japan attacking Pearl Harbor, world in shambles. Now is a good time to write a book about chess endings”

    -Reuben Fine, 1941

  4. nothing wrong with older books. i have this book and reinfeld's

  5. Man, you're some kind of psychic. I've been watching video after video about the endgame because I essentially lose every game that gets down to K+P or K+P+a piece and stockfish yells at me a lot, and now you come out with this nugget of gold. Thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Hey nelson, I love this channel it taught me chess for a long time but can you teach me how to trade properly because after some long trades I feel like I'm in more losing positions

  7. Nice video, I'm new at chess, I haven't read any book so I like this idea

  8. Your channel is insane good. I dont get why u dont have more subs

  9. Oh geez, another high quality content! Great video as always

  10. Make tal games videos

  11. Ive Got a 60s paperback edition,I'd forgotten about that list. Take it out tomorrow, time for a review.thanks.

  12. "And the rook comes to the seventh rank," a man's voice sounded, snapping me out of my thoughts "that right there… that is a bone in the throat."

  13. Blockaded pawn doesnβ€˜t mean backward pawn. A blockaded pawn canβ€˜t move because there is a piece in front of it

  14. Mr Nelson ur channel is the best chess channel on youtube. I wish u to become a GM. U desereve it

  15. Can u explane advantige of 2 bishps
    In 1 vedio plz

  16. Love the way you reference old books vs stockfish odds, very good to analyse

  17. Sir can you please make videos on mastering middle game……. Or…. Rook endgame please❀

  18. Great video, thank you. keep checking your library please πŸ˜‚

  19. Awesome stuff…. seriously this is the channel which provides all sort of info to improve the game

  20. I have this book, although I haven't looked at it in years. English Descriptive notation seems so archaic now. My copy came with an insert listing pages of corrections (or mistakes). At the time nobody had ever attempted such an ambitious encyclopedic treatment of chess endgames. It was inevitable there would be mistakes. In the "Queens Gambit" TV series I recall Beth Harmon telling Benny Watts "I found another mistake in Fine's book". Yes, give us more content like this.

  21. General rules are what I would like much more of πŸ™‚ Well done πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚

  22. Amazing Video Like Always. These types of videos are my favorite, very instructive and helpful. Keep up the great work Nelson.

  23. I'm assuming "blocked Pawn positions" are the same or similar to "closed/locked center" type situations.(?)

  24. these rules are so good, tell us more from the old book -)

  25. Literally was just thinking i have to get better at endgame and boom new vid

  26. 10:33 Zugzwang is much rarer if there are other pieces, especially line-pieces (e.g. bishops). I think the point is that if the only way one side can win is using zugzwang, the position is probably drawn.

  27. On rule number 2: β€œcan still win the game using that” that is the point of Reuben Fine using that pawn to the advantage not necessarily protecting it to promote to queen like you were explaining. That is why he is a GM.

  28. rule 15 i always end up with rooks in front but i guess that's because I'm always headed for the 7th rank

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