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  1. first i need to make sue that my bishop dont die in the first move

  2. The amount of stalemates…and draws I have.. your a savior 😊

  3. There was a square right above the two bishops that the king nor the bishops could get to

  4. I actually did this before. It was sheer luck though.

  5. its easy. but not if you have 3 seconds on the clock

  6. Тупейшее видео. Как же победить одного коряля имея короля и фигуру. В данном случае две. Вот же не задача.

  7. The he actually show the red squares… He is a LEGEND

  8. Bold of you to assume I have either bishop after ten moves, let alone both

  9. What if I have 2 bishops of same color cuz of underpromotion

  10. This is impossible for me since i trade the bishop in every game 😅

  11. I’ve played over 600 games of chess in the past 5 months. This situation never occurred even once lol.

  12. Me who somehow loses the game to just a king with 2 bishop 🗿

  13. Instructions unclear, He checkedmated me

  14. 2 White/Black squares bishops :

  15. Poor black king is singing Viva La Vida 😔

  16. Is it posible to do this matw if both bisops are on the light square or dark square

  17. Me who always exchanges bishops and knights early in the game

  18. What if my bishop are of same diagnol and covers same colours

  19. What if they're on the same diagonal? 🗿

  20. How you open this setting that highlight the square


  22. After bishop and knight checkmate this seems easy

  23. I can mate with 2 biships in real life 😫😏

  24. But how am i gonna solve when i have 2 black squared bishop?

  25. Will no one see how important that king was in this checkmate. If he wasn't there and the black king moved right he would have been safe.

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