3 Chess Endgame Principles You Need To Know!

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About this video:
The endgame in chess is when most of the pieces (Queens, Rooks, Knights, Bishops) have been traded off. At this point in a chess game there is usually only pawns, the kings, and maybe a few pieces on each side. There are three principles which are vital to understand if you want to be able to win the game at the endgame. The first is that you must activate your king. The second is that pawns are much more valuable than at the start of the game. And the third is that passed pawns are the most important of all. If you can turn a passed pawn into a queen, it will most surely mean victory at such a late stage in a chess game. In this video I cover all of the chess endgame principles so you can improve and win more games.


  1. when the little piggy came on the screen I lost it

  2. very good strategy – I mostly lose game in end games

  3. That last 6 pawn puzzle was actually pretty insightful for being so simple

  4. I manage to win by just moving the king in the opening

  5. Thanks! I was lacking Endgame knowledge. Very clear and solid explanation!

  6. I learn so much from your teaching principles

  7. Man is this channel underrated. Hopefully it's now getting a push, considering YouTube suggested it

  8. I trade my knight off in exchange for 2 pawns. To open the board up, and give me more space to attack.

  9. Exactly what I needed and puzzled about how it works .. thanks for the info

  10. Thanks this is a very good video this deserves more views

  11. Those are good tips for a beginner. Thanks! Keep them coming πŸ™‚

  12. Lmao the pig part caught me off guard! Nice touch

  13. very good, very understandable and delivered at the right pace – thanks

  14. Think of your pawns as worth between 8 points (8×1) and 80 (8×10). They are the 'Soul of Chess' for a reason.

  15. Do you have more videos about queen endgames or one-pawn endgames? Great video

  16. Great info….I need to do a better job of activating my King!!!

  17. Can you do something on pawn structure eg isolated d pawns etc and explain it in your particular style that allows us simple chess mortals to actually get some kind of an understanding of whats going on


  18. I didn't know there were pigs in chess. πŸ˜€

  19. Awesome video bro…..the last puzzle is insane…..only one with immense imagination and great calculation ability can solve it…..really nice video……expecting such good contents from you more and more…….

  20. U grow daily brother β™₯️… congrats..keep on …we with u

  21. at 2:59 isn't this endgame losing for white as if the king moves too far to cover d8 for the king then the black pawn on the a file just pushes before the white king can come back and capture it

  22. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  23. The pawn trick at the end is awesome, have already won 2 games since learning it

  24. So, when I played the other day and it was queen and two pawns versus queen and three pawns we weren’t in the endgame yet.

  25. why wouldnt the second black pawn at B7 be consdered a pass pawn? pawns in file create a unique position. your thoughts?

  26. Wow very instructive! I find it easier to think pawn endgames as american football: You need to score a touchdown, your king is the protector, some pawns are blockers, others are the ones that deviate the defense and of course the runner!

  27. Very useful, although Sir your all videos are very useful.
    Why u aren't live streaming?

  28. So, the Bongcloud’s purpose is to activate your king

  29. " Ke2 "
    foreshadowing the popularity of bong cloud meme

  30. You are a great teacher for beginning chess players. You explain things so clearly. Thanks so much for this video. I learned a lot!

  31. I agree with the other comments..The Pig clip was a great touch πŸ˜‚

  32. great content. thanks very much. very helpful.

  33. I just get irritated by childish edits…
    U voice is ok…. U don't need to bombard screen with meaningless pig clips….

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