30 SIMPLE Chess Concepts To Crush Everyone

For many chess beginners and intermediate players, there are lots of terms in chess that are difficult to grasp. Advantage, initiative, positional play, strategic play, dynamic play, piece activity… here are 31 examples.

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  2. What about: juicer, wooden shield, throbbing mate?

  3. Summary of the video is summary of gothamchess tuts

  4. You’re going to make us grandmasters with these instructional videos. Thanks a ton Levy!

  5. we dont need 31 terms we need to learn to master the tempo

  6. Next ideia for a video, WHEN YOU SHOULD MOVE PAWNS

  7. A video about chess slang and online gaming slang might be entertaining. (as well as informative, especially for people new to chess, and for old people like me, who are new to streaming and online gaming)

  8. 0:54 No offense, but I don't speak Chinese but I think Levy apparently knows.

    btw Chinese is a great language i just don't know how to speak it lol

  9. I should probably have watched this a couple of months ago when I first started playing! lol!

  10. I search this one… this is not comming in homepage

  11. Lol I go to try and do a Danish Gambit on someone and they do something that forces me to do an effective Fried Liver Attack.

  12. can you go over fork, pin, some other cool terms you use like swishenschuke, and others?

  13. Dear sir, your session on chess terms is all excellent with breathless commentry explaining each of them. It is truly noteworthy for chess player for awareness. Kindly include castling, en passant, exchange, file terms which will be very helpful. Thanks. Dmbhangaonkar

  14. Can you do a video on how to take advantage of compensation? I don't get gambit openings and how to take advantage of the poisoned pawn. I get that your ahead in development in most cases, but how do you take advantage of that? (humble 1400)

  15. 3:37 , no wrong, king safety is no. 1 in chess, not material, haven’t you seen one Sadie attacking the others king and the king is in very poor condition but if the side has sacrificed material to gain the advantage , would you still say the side with the material is better ? No , of course, if the side defending doesn’t manage to defend accurately then the side with the attackers get the advantage, so king safety is no.1, and that too, why do we castle ? We should just go attack opponents king and try to win material ! Why do we castle then ? Just to make sure our king is safe, so that’s it, now you improve your mind set Gotham

  16. :30

    How dare this wizard of genius give me an extra tip.


  17. I'm a chess beginner, but have a pretty good idea of what blunder means

  18. Hi Levi please do a video about the center play, how to fight for the center, what center control really means as well as how all this works and everything around that, thank you?

  19. What do you use to draw/annotate like that on the screen?

  20. In chess term #28 initiative Garry Kasparov creates the Alekhine's battery.

  21. do a video of how to win with bm openings be like…

  22. In my opinion, endgame begins when one of the kings (or both) can start playing active attacking role. Doesn't need to actually do it, but he can. In the middle game, the king is generally defended and other pieces are attacking. At least for me, it's easier to recognize this than guessing by the number of pieces.

  23. I'm rated 1500 and I found this video helpful. Thank you!

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