35 Vital Chess Principles | Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame Principles – Chess Strategy and Ideas

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About This Video:

Clear and easy to follow, WITH EXAMPLES – the top 35 chess principles that EVERY chess player needs to know. These chess principles cover the opening, middlegame and endgame. Chess opening principles are crucial to help you get off to a good start. Chess middlegame principles are vital throughout the game. Chess endgame principles are important to finish off the game properly. These chess principles will take your chess strategy to the next level. These chess concepts and ideas are crucial to how to improve at chess. One of the best ways to improve your chess strategy, is to learn these important chess principles. These chess strategies will help your chess rating grow very rapidly. These chess principles are beneficial to beginners, intermediate chess players and advanced chess players as well. There are some beginner chess principles, some intermediate chess principles, and some advanced chess principles.

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  1. I’m new to Chess I was wondering at 17 minutes how is there a checkmate. Couldn’t the blacks pawn take the knight to remove the threat

  2. Thanks for your content! already winning more!

  3. As a chess noob, I’m confused by all the pawn guidelines. You essentially can only move your pawn forward?

  4. And principle #36……there are positions where NONE of the 35 principles I just listed will help you find a better move in fact there will be times where you disobey the principle ENTIRELY and that is the BEST course of action. Chess is a weird game.

  5. Really?! Castle b4 move 10…….I have found the BEST thing to do is delay casting for AS LONG as is safe to do so and will not spoil your position. Unless you give check with a castle you are losing a tempo so I have found it best to delay for as long as is safe to do so and NOT one move longer. The MOMENT you realize a safe time to castle and not let your opponent begin some sort of a major tactic THAT is the best time to castle……that might be before or LONG after move 10 I have found. Even tho I'm a low ranked player I have found a premature castle in the najdorf sicilian from black is not always a good idea.

  6. principle 36. Always use a butt engine against strong opponents.

  7. This video can be made much better. Firstly, there are no such thing as 35 principles, there are only few basic principles and many advanced ones, however beginners should learn only basic first then progress when they've shown enough confidence through games. Also principles should be defined first in the video so that it gains purpose in the video, because chess is such a complex game, humans can only maximize their chance of winning by playing around what are known as principles. Many more strategy games use principles, because following only a few certain rules is more humanly easier than calculating all variables of the game which only computers can do. however, knowing only principles but not knowing how to apply them is a useless waste of time, It should be noted that watching this video that simply knowing principles does not make you an any better player unless you apply it in real games. Also there are many habits of beginners such as using gambits without knowing why it works, some gambits break principles but they mostly depend on the enemy messing up, so it should be noted that breaking other principles can be counted as an advanced principle, because in the end what only matters is advantage. Lastly, it should be mentioned that hard work/ commitment is important in learning principles, some people's minds learn faster because they apply what they learn without question, but it will be different from everyone and only hard work will really separate good from fair players.

  8. 17:30 i guess im the best chess player in school cz I definitely go against the principle lol

  9. Wait. Principle 31 you say don't trade pieces, tade pawns. Then you say the opposite. What's right?

  10. Good tempo man. You don't mumble on at all.
    Hey, which bishop should I value more? Dark square or light square?

  11. this is so cool im sorry im late but i need this for a class chess tournament thank you for sharing this

  12. 16:45 do not play hope chess
    There is an exception when u r already losing by so much of material like me😛😜

  13. I wonder if one day, we can derive these principles from optimized ML models.

  14. I'm confused..this is basically chess from a master

  15. Your giving problems on every different position its ridiculous

  16. Me playing chess: "If I have no idea what my plan is, neither will my opponent"

  17. A couple more (obvious) principles:

    36. Look before you leap. Scan the board for threatened pawns or pieces before making a move. I've gotten zapped by my opponent's bishop attacking from across the board.

    37. Know your enemy. Clever checkmates & gambits like the Scholar's Mate work against low-level opponents but may backfire against an experienced foe.

  18. Principle no 1 let the magnus play in yer place.

  19. I'm not good enough to know if these are the top 35 principles, but I love how you always say "generally speaking" before most of your comments to keep the know-it-alls at bay.

  20. Not me doing/trying the scholars check nearly everygame thinking I'm just playing standard/normal 🥲

  21. Thanks for the video and the spreadsheet with the great tips!

  22. dude well done and well spoken and much appreciated. I even Checked the Like and Checkmated the Subscribe!

  23. Amazing tutorial, very instructive for beginners. Thanks for the smooth editing.

  24. Hope chess one really speaks to me, as a child I played little chess with older guys who were much better than me so I got myself into playing hope chess cause I never thought I could win without it and later when playing with other noobs since they made tons of mistakes, the hope chess just stuck

  25. What about opening the centre pawn in front of the castled king? Doesn't this safeguard against a checkmate from a rogue rook which traps the king behind three pawns? Otherwise all great standard tips…

  26. Thank you, that’s very generous of you

  27. Thank you. 5 years, I still suck, but I can beat everyone I know. There are several points that I know will help me improve more. The double pawns on the 6th, I never learned that. Although there are a handful I could probably tell you or were left out rather. All in all, a treasure of knowledge. Thank you!!

  28. this is perfect for my chess improvement thank you nelson

  29. Whwn you fianchetto the bishop you create a backward pawn on the side.

  30. I don't know a lot about chess and never play chess, but loved this video!

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