5 Chess Endgames You MUST Know

These are 5 pawn endgames you must know in chess 🙂 let me know if you wanna see me doing this same type of video but with other pieces such as rooks, queens, bishops or knights!

00:00-00:31 Intro
00:31-3:00 The Box
3:00-8:34 Opposition
8:34-11:50 Rook Pawns
11:50-15:38 Separated Pawns
15:38-20:23 Pawn Breakthroughs
20:23-25:53 Beautiful Endgame Example

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. Great instructional endgame video. 👌Would love to see more endgame examples with other pieces involved. 😊

  2. Thank you so much Anna! Very enlighting lesson! Keep em coming!!!

  3. You’re such a great teacher! I learned a lot from this lesson! ❤️

  4. This was very understandable, easy to learn/see. Would love some bishop endgames next, I recall your mother gave you some theory on them with taking care of the diferent colored squares 😀

    also, best outro ever XD

  5. Muchas gracias Ana, por lo bien que pronunciaste Jose Raul Capablanca, debes hablar español no?

  6. Wow! Amazing and very important information, thanks!

  7. Me whose games never go to the endgame: "Interesting"

  8. 5:13 actually once White's king gets to the 6th rank, he is winning. You won't need frontal opposition after that (you only need it for ranks 5 and lower and the pawn not being on the a or h files). c5 (instead of Kc6) Kd8 c6 Kc8 c7 Kb7 Kc7.

  9. thank you…..I've been playing chess a long time, and have seen pawn endgame videos, even the "opposition" concept….but it was never really labeled or explained as such….I now know how to deal with "opposition" from both offensive and defensive situations….thank you again ;- )

  10. wow, the 3 pawn example was a thing of beauty also (and you too !)….thank you, great explanation an advice

  11. The box can also be drawn by drawing a diagonal towards the king from the pawn. I feel like that's an easier way to think of it.

  12. Thank you for the amzing lesson. It is really useful for me. I am interessted in queen and rock and knight and bishop endgame:-))) All of that!

  13. About the box calculation, you can just take the diagonale ending at the line to promote, and then the square is defined
    I like how she said "zugzwang" at the end. Its always funny to here German words in English. Also Weeeeeh 😀

  14. Can we stop a moment to say how much is beautiful when Anna says José Raúl Capablanca

  15. You know she loves chess when she says “and now this position is beautiful”

  16. Very Mature Anna well done. Thanks for showing me how to utilize king and separating pawn segment was good improvement strategy I learned from you.

  17. This is one of the best, most intelligently taught, chess lessons I've had since I read Bobby Fischer's excellent little book which methodically teaches beginners to attack. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  18. Извините, из какой вы страны? Sorry where are you from?

  19. When are you going to make another vide abbot three players of three levels playing the same position,,,, that was a killer idea and you stopped it

  20. Your really clear explanations make these videos great!

  21. thank you for the lesson… tu sonrisa es contagiosa. …opposition!

  22. This is exactly the type of content I've been looking for! Easy to understand explanation of endgame patterns. It would be really cool to see some of the things you mentioned towards the end as well, like knight / bishop endgames!

  23. Plz make more endgame strategies.. this really helps beginners like me

  24. Very clear explanations. Definitely do all the other pieces. It would make a nice complete reference guide. Thanks for the time you put in in your videos.

  25. Damn, I'll have nightmares with the word "opposition". I've never heard it so many times in a few minutes 😂😂

  26. Great Lesson Anna Thanks ! Almost felt like a live lesson ! Cool crisp and clear video layout too, very well done!! Please…More endgame lessons and history game example is very cool. Thanks :D. : fire &heart emoji'

  27. Always use the box – got it. 🍻 Excellent material. The whole opposition dance is fascinating.

  28. Thank you, Anna! These videos are very helpful and instructive. I esp learned from the pawnbreaks. Please do more with and about pawnbreaks! 👍☺️

  29. If you can't get past the opening you will never get to an endgame.

  30. Hi Anna, just want to point that it's really great that you pronounce spanish names as it should really sound and not "in English". Nice that you don't want to hide your roots.

    Thanks for your content!!

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