6 Checkmate Patterns YOU MUST KNOW

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Chess has many patterns, among them ones about checkmate. In this video, I’m giving you 6 types of checkmates and 15 examples.


0:00 Intro


  1. Levi damn man

    You are doing a good job by teaching crazy moves man

    Loved it man!! loved it!!

  2. Thx ive improved my chess tactics bcs of this

  3. Hi Levy!
    Great stuff.
    Pattern #4 is probably called dovetail because of the dovetail system of joining pieces of wood: the pieces come together and fit snugly, leaving no room. Somehow, it resembles how the Queen tightly covers all the escape spaces (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dovetail_joint).

  4. I suggest the second knight/rook mate be referred to as the Gentleman's Cum-sock. Just sayin'

  5. but what move is stronger than checkmate? Right, pawn to h6.

  6. If you come up with a mate and don't call it the Expelliarmus, I'm unsubbing.

  7. 3:41 I loved this mate.. "In your face, you're trash, my rook defeated you Checkmate" 😂

  8. I think the sequence which levy called boomerang is actually known as the windmill

  9. You can find most (if not all of them )in the Tacticts Bibble of Efstratios Grivas.
    But in the greek sacrifice check -mate is not achieved if after 1.Qh5 Re8 2. Q h7+ Kf7 and Qh8+ N g7 blocks thw queen.

  10. in my time, i had to learn all this stuff through play, surmise and books, and noobs these days just have chess masters explain it to them

  11. You are probably the best chess teachers. I just started, u taught me how to open and I've won alot against the bots (ik that's no good)

  12. What I have discovered about the Greek Gift sacrifice is that retreating the king to g8, after being checked by the knight, seldom leads to a forced mate; rather, it leads to gaining substantial material as the defender has to sacrifice material to stave off checkmate. As risky as it appears, the king has to go to g6. This makes it much more difficult for the attacker. The attacker has to be very precise as there is no immediate mate nor gain of material that is readily obvious. The attacker may stumble and ultimately be down a piece in the fallout. This is why anybody who plans on the Greek Gift sacrifice must be prepared for the targeted king to actually come forward instead of retreating to the back rank.

    For instance, in the Greek Gift setup in the video at 6:16, after 1.Bxh7+ Kxh7, 2.Ng5+, if the black king retreats to g8, Stockfish sees no forced mate, but it does give white over a +8.00 advantage – which is usually an easy win. However, if black plays 2…Kg6 (the counterintuitive move that Stockfish recommends), white's advantage is reduced to +3.50. Big difference!

    How should white proceed if black plays 2…Kg6? If you're going to launch into the Greek Gift sacrifice, be prepared for what you're going to do next after the king goes to g6. By the way, Stockfish recommends that white starts with 3.h4. According to Stockfish, the best continuation for both sides goes like this: 3.h4 Qe8, 4.h5+ Kh6, 5.Nxe6+ Kh7, 6.Nxc5, the only move that maintains white's +3.50 advantage. But, what if the black bishop starts on b6 instead of c5? How would that change the sequence? A lot! White's advantage drops to +2.00. That advantage is completely positional – not based on material.

    Great video! You selected some patterns that often occur in games. Recognizing them is important.

  13. You literally draw a dove tail while saying you have no idea why it's called the dove tail mate 🤣

  14. Excellent lesson as always! Cheers from Greece. And maybe you want to see some sunlight? You look like like you need it a bit. No offense intended, just caring. You are a great teacher!

  15. This is actually helpful as a new player. Obviously the goal.of the game is getting check mates. I find I can play the early game and midgame at a comfortable level but when it comes to sealing the deal I really have trouble with setting up ways to finish. Like I just miss seeing all these patterns to end the game even when I'm at a big advantage.

  16. 17:30 why do you need to jump in with the knight, why can't you just play queen g1 right away?

  17. At 4:00 why doesn't the rook go to g8, it would be protected by the knight and it would be a checkmate in just one move

  18. You are the reason I started to like chess

  19. Honestly I just really need to stop blundering. I'm learning openings (London, queen's gambit, king's indian) and they usually give me a great advantage. But at some point during the game I blunder my queen or any other piece and I can't seem to get back into the game after that. I do get better though, because of the opening. My games used to have 8 blunders on the regular, now it's usually only 1 or 2. But they're big blunders because they lose me the game

  20. 6:50 For the Greek Sacrifice one what do you do if the King doesn’t go back in the little “cavern” bit

  21. 17:23 isn’t queen to right beside the king then rook takes then mate with knight much faster and better

  22. Can’t can’t g7 not just take bishop in pattern 3

  23. Your fighting analogies have helped my chess game so much

  24. The best ressemblance the dovetail mate's pattern has with any dovetail in other fields is with the dovetail corner joints of some log houses. My first impulse was: "It rather looks like a swallow's tail." But that name is taken by a different mate showing tha same pattern of black pieces rotated 45°.

  25. bro these were so good that he went super saiyan

  26. I really didnt need to know this but cool title

  27. I don't know if you have a video on this topic. But as I watched this it made me wonder. I routinely get an attacking position on my opponents king threatening the g7 or g8 but the king's pawns seem to miraculously always obliterate my plans. Can you suggest some tactics to overcome the pawn defence tactics. Or even as a defensive video from a defensive perspective with pawns against g7/8 mates/attacks. Thanks

  28. In your face you're trash my rook defeated you is my favorite

  29. in the first position of black in rook combos 3:53 after kc1 rc2 is not a mate king can go to b2

  30. in your face you are trash checkmate by rook😂😂

  31. Rumour has it, if one pulls of a checkmate it is a 100 percent win rate!😮

  32. Boy if you don’t get an ssj2 thumbnail…

  33. "In your face you're trash my rook defeated you checkmate."— Gotham chess 2021

  34. I can't help but feel like I'm betraying my first love in Agadmator.

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