6 tips for winning chess endgames

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Most of my students (especially, the beginner-level players) often ask me “Are there any rules for playing the endgame”. They usually have an advantage or a winning position in the endgame, but unfortunately fail to recognize it.

Today our guest coach CM Charles Campbell will explain how to identify or recognize a winning endgame. Additionally, he will offer some really useful endgame tips.

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  1. Tip 1: activate your king
    Tip 2: create passed pawn

  2. constructive criticism…. the video could have been better and far more instructive if you cut some of your superfluous commentary. The video was 20 minutes and if you showed each idea to a check mate ending, the people here could have seen the complete idea. You had 20 minutes and wasted 10 minutes showing incomplete ideas that you deem as highly important…. so why not show them to their completion?! Just seemed lazy and a poorly planned lesson to me.

    Material/Ideas = A+.
    Instruction = C-

    If you're going to teach….. then teach!!!

  3. The position at 18:33 is equal but video didn't explain why black resigned.

  4. Tip5 looks just a brilliant tactical combination, however less valuable to ordinary players like me because it is hard to master. Better elaborate more how to transform advantage in more generic scenarios.

  5. Thank you for the move-by-move analysis! I greatly enjoyed it.

  6. You seemed confused by Fischer taking the pawn on e5 with his queen…he took with his queen because he could own the center and attack on multiple fronts. If QxQ, then RxR leads to back rank mate. Pretty straightforward stuff lol.

  7. just because the players have resigned doesnt mean you cant continue a game as an example so we can see how to finish games…. thats the whole point we clicked on the video.

  8. y is Q xe5 a surprise…if QxQ..RxR is mate..thia guy is boring and confused.watch surens chess channel or agadmators channel

  9. Somebody please explain how h7 is mate at 6:19
    Is it: 1.Rf8, Rh2+ 2.Kg8, Rg7 mate?

  10. By studying the position at 18:28 i noticed a mistake in the video, in the actual game Fisher never took the pawn in B4 since it would lead to a draw, infact after ND6 there isn't a good defence for the passed pawn, if instead the king goes to B5 leaving the useless pawn white have a continuation that leads to a win. Thanks anyway, really appreciate this video and the tips.

  11. I started playing chess less than one week ago and already I have had HUNDREDS of stalemates. I will be bald before I win a game where I actually SEE a checkmate

  12. Is this master Albert Chow? If so I git best game against you in the 15 annual ACC chess tournament

  13. How about g8? Its still not mate

  14. 6:10 ?? that's a "silent slow move" ? who taught you chess lol ? that's the most aggresive move I saw all video! attacking and trapping the rook with your king !!

  15. Very nice video pal. I do appreciate the effort for chess. You can stream my free indie film "panic bracelet"

  16. Just finish off each example with how the game might have finished

  17. If I were making up a fake Russian name, Igor Smirnov would be one of the first I came up with.

  18. 1)Activate your king
    2)Create and use passed pawns
    4)Principle of two weaknesses
    5)Be prepared to trade one advantage for another
    6) Know all the basic checkmates

  19. Thank you, that was some beautiful games. 🙂

  20. At 9:18 instead of taking the knight why couldn’t he do rook takes pawn shutting down his queen and there’s no back rank because king takes knight leaving it a 4 on 3?

  21. Thanks you for this excellent video with very organized important tips!

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