8 Unbelievable Endgames By Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen’s 8 Best Endgame Victories (subjective).

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Endgame 1 – Radjabov
6:46 Endgame 2 – Hikaru
11:24 Endgame 3 – Vallejo
18:42 Endgame 4 – Fedoseev
24:06 Endgame 5 – Firouzja
29:31 Endgame 6 – Olychess
34:17 Endgame 7 – Aronian
39:05 FINAL – Giri

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  1. My favorite fruit is pineapple 🍍😁

  2. My favorite fruit is pineapple 🍍😁

  3. imcredible how i can just watch hours and hours of gotham xdd

  4. Can you sharpen the board a little bit? It's a little blurred out. I can't see(jk).

  5. And is not a "Blunder" in Chess just apart of the Game,If you do a "Blunder" then you are not good enough? The best Player over years like Magnus Carlsen do fewer Blunders than the others,that is all it comes down to 🙂

  6. Looks the best way to beat him to catch him in the opening .

  7. Am I the only person who sees him switching up the colors? Magnus isn't black and he is saying magnus uses the A pawn like. Doesn't magnus lose this or am I just tripping?? Bottom right says the colors of who's pawns 4:29

  8. Love this type of content, I've learnt more than I expected when considering in-balances.

  9. Levy you should do a opening video for lazy players

  10. not an actual fire fireter but i have had some training and uh yeah fire v fire very real fire cant burn whats already burnt

  11. Can you make a new video like this, with 8 other endgames ofc? (:

  12. You would find a way to hang a rook in this position , and there are no rooks on the board LMAO

  13. 23:38 I will play Bh7 when the pawn steps to the h6 square and white is in zugzwang

  14. You do fight fire with fire in some circumstances. Sometimes forest fires will be fought like that

  15. My guy: pls for the love of chess, get the colors right. game time 26:45 at the end I only realized Magnus is WHITE. YOu know what a mind fuck this is. DUDE?

  16. 5:49 Magnus could have taken the other guys bishop there if he moved his knight to b2 instead of moving it to a3 right ??

  17. Magnus is master. I'm hetero but i love him.

  18. "idk maybe any firefighters in the comment section'

    ME: bahahahahahahahahaahha

  19. This is an awesome video. Thanks to the chess community.

  20. Endgame example 9: 6th game of WC match Magnus vs Nepo. It was beautiful, watching Mozart of chess grind blood out of a stone..

  21. Next year there will be a new rule in Chess.

    Your King can eat your own Bishop.

  22. Watching magnus play is unlike any other

  23. I always forget to hit the subscribe button because the content is so freely available

  24. Whenever Gotham says how bad I am I just laugh and agree 🤣 I finally beat nelson today and it was twice in a row.

  25. Another good video but on game 3, Vallejo. It shows Vallejo is black and Magnus white on the bottom right but you said Magnus was Black. Sure it’s just a simple mistake but threw me ofF.

  26. I actually enjoyed the analysis in the form of story telling.

  27. I actually did hang a rook in that position once. Sad day

  28. Levy calling me out that i would hang a rook,
    i have done that, mouseslipped when turning a pawn into queen, got a rook instead, and pretty much immediately blundered it to a knight, and swiftly after that resigning due to mate in 2

  29. There are instances of fighting fire with fire like letting smth burn down or suffocating a specific area with smoke ig

  30. He has something like a 90% accuracy in End Games.

  31. at 5:47, why wasn't radjabov able to play nb2, winning the bishop on a4 after Carlsen moves out of check?

  32. Greatest endgame player of ALL TIME ??.The likes of KASPAROV ,FISHER,TAL,KARPOV,ALEKHINE,TAL, The List is Endless were some IDIOTS O ENDGAME? What NONSENSE.

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