A Beautiful Queen Trap to Win Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Budapest Gambit to Trap the Queen in just 7 Moves.
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  1. His chessboard and pieces is just like mine

  2. Actually quite a natural looking attack i feel like this one could work without leaving your chess economy wrecked

  3. Eeee bhai bhai bhai bhai tooo toot need

  4. If he start with the queen pawn just start in the budabest trap and in second give him a check mate don't ket him know your next move😂😂

  5. Natural 😂😅😂😅😂 are u mad to do a natural move like that

  6. when knight placed at f2 in 5th move . The white Queen should come out for a check at a4.

  7. But this gambit dont work in every game 😅

  8. Intercontenintal Ballistic Missile Gambit

  9. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤😂😂😢😮😅😊😊❤

  10. U gave 11 pieces of material for 9 points nyc

  11. Uska ghoda bapas jayega to or Rani se ghoda marega to Raja se Rani mar dega

  12. Bhai bishop ko aage leke jate to mate hojata

  13. Love it when you say that the sweetie is gone

  14. At the end instead of pone he can take it with king and can easily save

  15. But opponent can save the Queen by sacrificing the Rook anytime. That way his king's position is not hampered for the castling later.

  16. Great Video. At some point, I’m hopping to create some „cheat sheet“ with the most common tricks & traps.

    Would anyone be interested in this?

  17. after watching your video I played a game and I lost my sweety and Now I didn't resigned😅

  18. I think it is the intercontinental ballistic missile attack

  19. Here bishop can save in c4 move … queen get died and bishop got saved ..

  20. Lots of possibilities are there ,depend upon the opponents,it is not always possible

  21. Why did you sacrifice the bishop at the end. Bishop to C5 would have been better. Am I wrong?

  22. These chess trap videos are good for beginners. They show the kind of mistake we should avoid by looking at the big picture.

  23. You didn't won this strategy with noob😂😂

  24. Him: can you find the winning move?
    Me: bishop b4

  25. "Another beautiful sacrifice" IM SOBBING

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