A Beautiful Queen Trap to Win Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Budapest Gambit to Trap the Queen in just 7 Moves.
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  1. Nf3 the good move but suppose he played Nc3 then the trap is destroy

  2. This trap is called The Intercontinental Ballistic missile gambit

  3. Dude…make the video with white on the bottom like literally EVERYONE ELSE.

  4. ah yes the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit 💀

  5. This is called "intercontinental ballistic missile gambit"

  6. I know that it’s the intercontinental ballistic missile

  7. It's the Tennison Gambit ICBM Variation but different and with the black pieces!

  8. *My 300 elo ass trying this play
    Next second the opponent doesn’t move like i wanted
    *me :- tf should i do now💀

  9. But the white king can simply kill the bishop


  11. İsn't this basically blacks equivalent of the Tennison gambit? (ICBM)

  12. Ahh the intercontinental missile gambit how lovely

  13. thats the incomisjxndks,s skekchx balistic missile gamit

  14. Wait during bishop check king can kill bishop

  15. "Don't worry, international continental ballistic missile gambit as black can't hurt you"
    ICBM Gambit as black:

  16. ICBM doesn’t exist for black

    Black icbm:

  17. At the end of it, it is exchange of queen for a bishop, knight and a pawn on material front.
    And on position front, white king is awkwardly placed. Black queen is in opposition camp. Other white pieces are raring to go and black pieces are still stuck behind pawns.
    Even after queen capture, black needs to play well to develop its pieces and use its queens position to gain some material advantage before white can organise its attack.

  18. it's Incontinental ballistic missile gambit


  20. Only sacrifice the bishop by checking on Bishop g4+ (check(

  21. Rook to C5, and then check with this rook to check mate

  22. If you move your bishop to b4 then also he was gone

  23. This is called Intercontinental ballistic missile gambit.

  24. Anyone rated above MORON is just going to give up the rook and move the queen to safety

  25. It is intercontinental ballistic missile

  26. Abe ooo gayani uut ko horse k support main rakh queen and rock capture ho jayega

  27. This is intercontinental ballistic missle gambit

  28. This is called the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit sacrifice a bishop and horse you get a free queen

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