A Beautiful Queen Trap to Win Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Budapest Gambit to Trap the Queen in just 7 Moves.
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  1. Reversed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile variation

  2. It can also bedone by bishop e5 after kings movement

  3. The intercontinental ballistic missile variation

  4. But he threatened my knight with pawn in first sight

  5. "how to trap the queen"
    First step:have enough luck for your opponent to play these moves.
    Second step: remember these moves.

  6. Bro you took his queen but he took most of your major pieces. Not sure that’s a good idea. 🤦‍♂️

  7. This is basicallys the intercom ballistic missile variation

  8. Oh wait, this is the Tennison Gambit: ICBM Variation!

  9. "You take the Queen. And the sweety is gone"
    Bruh Wtf 💀


  11. anyone thinking about Tennison Gambit InterContinental Ballistic Missile?

  12. Sometimes you need to play out of book moves actually
    Not everytime this happens unless the opponent blunders

  13. No this is just sacrifices 2 pieces for 1 Queen

  14. The reverse antiballisti missile technique for black

  15. Losing four pieces to just trap the queen isn't smart by any standard

  16. Why do you trap the queen when you can trap the king

  17. Dont sacrifice bishop just check the king

  18. Queen h5 and then take check the king will be a check mate

  19. मैं तुमसे सीख कर अपने फ्रेंड्स के साथ खेलता हूं लेकिन तुम्हारा प्लान फेल हो जाता है और मैं बुरी तरह फस जाता क्योंकि तुम जैसा बताते हो वैसा वह नहीं चाल चलता है।

  20. Is this the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit but for black?

  21. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Bro this is the international ballistic missile gambit

  23. If white keeps the queen E5 before killing the C7 pawn😮😮

  24. Everyone in comment : that not as per the script

    Reality: you need to have presence of mind while playing

  25. Favourite tagline of the video. " The Sweetie is gone "😂😂

  26. can pls anyone tell me how the sweetie is gone

  27. This is called the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  28. if we sacrificed everything n them the opponent plays different moves 😑😑

  29. At 0:11 it is more sensible for white to move pawn threatening our knight

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