A Brilliant Rook Endgame Study, chess endgames for beginners in Tamil, Tamil chess channel, chess

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In this video I discussed the brilliant endgame study in rook against the seventh rank Pawn

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  1. Neega white ooda possible moves ah mattum than concentrate pannirukinga, but black ooda possible moves ah concentrate pannala, apdi paakurapothu black player game ah draw panna try pannalam, epdina white ah promote panna vittutu queen ah eduthalum kooda final ah queen vs rook endgame la enter aagiralam, and also black aala game ah manage panna mudiyum, but athukku black player computer maathiri vilaiyadanum, between la white ethavathu mistake pannuna black game ah win panniralam otherwise atleast draw panniralam, but white uhm computer mathiri vilaiyanda game romba complicate ah pogum, indha situation la 50 move rule or repetition rule padi game ah black draw panna mudiyuma or white ah la athayum meeri win panna mudiyuma apdingurathu enakku theriyala, atha than game complicate ah pogum nu solran, so randu perum computer mathiri perfect move panni vilaiyanda A) white ah la 100% win panna mudiyumB) black ah la 100% draw panna mudiyum Indha 2 results la ethu nadakkum nu indha endgame ah innum full study panni oru video podunga, And also queen vs rook endgame ah paathiyum videos podunga

  2. kg4 is correcti dindt see full video

  3. Bro tal and botvinik 1959 world Championship tal knight sacrifice match podunga .

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  5. End game niraya podunga sirπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  6. Thanks for the video bro. One request pawn end game la pawn chain break aagama and epdi manage pannanum nu oru theory solikudhingana use full ah erukkum bro.

  7. Great explanation brother…!!! Thanks for the video.

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