A Rare Chess Fortress: Queen vs. Bishop & Knight Endgame


This is a rare chess fortress in an endgame involving a queen versus bishop & knight. As is the case with nearly every chess fortress, the position holds a coordination between the chess pieces. With just a few simple principles followed correctly, observe how this rare chess fortress can be maintained to secure a draw.

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  1. It is interesting that my engine evaluates Jerry's fortress as +3.21 for white but it is unable to break the fortress, it can't see the draw, however, it can break your fortress and eventually mate black. I think the problem is black is very weak on the light squares and can eventually separate the bishop and knight and gain a piece after which black is lost. Many human's wouldn't be able to do this but it appears technically that your fortress wouldn't hold with accurate play.

  2. 1:15 Ka2 breaks this rule. "Get the bishop back to b2 at the next available moment."

  3. first of all, white does not allow black to set up the fortress i mentioned in this particular position. Hence white has to set up Jerry's fortress. But if we put the knight on a3, it is also a fortress. Black must be careful and shouldn't allow white king to go b3. White can force black to change the shape of fortress but cannot mate.

  4. I've also analyzed the position by engine (with knight on a3) and i noticed that while calculating, engine tends to move the pieces towards the middle of the board and releasethe fortress. Because it "thinks" that they are more valuable in the middle. 🙂

  5. If I would be black and I managed to get into that position, I'd have a big smile on myy face saying to my opponent: Remise? He he.
    Besides that, I once had a game where my oppenent had only a queen and I had a pawn and a bishop. I don't remember how, but I managed to play so that no matter what my opponent did, he could not checkmate me and got to a situation where the pawn was about to promote and the queen was giving check on the 8th line. So I promoted and my opponent then had a choice: take my new queen and make it a draw, or not take hoping to win. As expected, he took resulting into a draw.

  6. amazing … never would have guessed that was even possible

  7. What Jerry fails to mention is time, as if this is a timed game all white has to do is run blacks clock down. So in the end it will go down to who can move faster.

  8. This is only ONE of the reasons why I prefer knight and bishop than a rook.

  9. Your chess computers aren't going to see the draw because they don't see 50 moves down the line. Therefore they feel with white's material advantage white is surely winning.

    This is unless of course your computer has a tablebase installed, because tablebases accurately identify this position (and many other positions with this fortress set up) as a draw.

  10. You do really good interesting chess problems

  11. This is a nice challenge for a computer programmer. It would be swell to create an engine that recognizes this as a draw.

  12. A wall? Your giving Donald trump too many idea!

  13. Watching this on 2k17; didnt know this channel was up there for this long lol. Keep it up.

  14. Those are ugly colors pieces. Black and white look like the same color.

  15. I see, white has more points but still draw.

  16. It formed when Svidler played Gelfand at the Tal blitz

  17. White should inch his king close to the knight and then give queen checks until the bishop is pinned and take the knight.

  18. Thanks for the video!! This is awesome stuff.

  19. If I was white i would either offer a draw or kill either the bishop or knight then let it be captured resulting in a stalemate due to insufficient material

  20. This really saves my ass.. ones i had this position my opponent does not have a clue and i made this fotress.. and eventually he gave up..

  21. Why does Carlsen say "I don't believe in fortresses"? Isn't it just a fact of chess that they exist, as in this example? Don't know what Carlsen means exactly

  22. I didn't find videos about ensgame of how tobwi queen vs knight and bishop. Quen vs two bishops, queen vs eook and knight…

  23. So that means that I would be happy using a bishop and knight against a queen in the endgame rather than using the rook.

  24. To obtain that position as black is the real deal though

  25. Its just mindblowing to see the queen cant do anything

  26. i had this a while back we agreed to a draw

  27. The queen can attack the bishop instead confusing the opponent who then moves horse thus losing control and fortress collapses. At the key moment the queen can then take the king out and kill him. Queen wins.

  28. This is the part where you tell your opponent to go get you a beer and you move his pieces

  29. Alright so how does white challenge this…there must be a way

  30. Imagine getting this positions as black, and white blunders his queen, but you don’t know how to checkmate with knight and bishop

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