A SUPERB Endgame Study

This truly remarkable study won 1st prize in 1972 for good reason!

The FEN:
2K5/2Pnk1P1/PP6/8/2b5/2n5/8/8 w

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. to be complete @ 3.00 the King could move to B7, but the bishop and c3 knight combine to checkmate?

  2. How do people even come up with this stuff😧

  3. Why don't move rooke one forward to b6 instead of backwards? The field b7 is open and it can proceed.

  4. This puzzle was incredible! How does one even conceive something so complex, that repeatedly shows off such good stalemating tactics?

  5. Feels like a roller-coaster ride great video. Thank you buddy

  6. What if the black bishop went from E1 -> H3 check – 10:29. That would leave white more open to move and either prolong or stop the stalemate.
    How is this a bad move? I do not see it. Can someone please explain?

  7. under-promoting to put yourself into a stalemate, that's brilliant.

  8. I guess queen is too powerful 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. You said at 2:50 that the king can't move, but it can go to b7. It wasn't covered, but it looks like this maybe loses to Bd5+? I'm not sure because after Kc8, black can again play Ne4, leading to the knight underpromotion with check on g8, which is similar to the line that leads to a draw, but the pawns are on a6 and b6 instead of a7 and b7, and the bishop on d5 can capture the knight, so I'm not sure what happens then.

  10. in the description it says "won 1st price in 1972 for good reason!" but in the screen it's 1971

  11. What if you push the back horse to a 4 to attack the b6? You give a check and prevent the pawn to move forward

  12. why we not check if we start with g8=knight+ ?!

  13. Me as a beginner: Wait rook so we can have every under promotion Better be a rook ayo what actually a rook ACTUALLY A ROOK

  14. I just wanna say that out of all the chess youtubers, I feel like I really understand what you are telling me 🙂
    This was a wild one
    I got the first move but that was it haha

  15. Honestly not to be rude, while watching the video, the forced moves for white were kind of becoming very obvious…

  16. At 8:43, instead of black moving bishop all the way to row 1, how about moving black knight to A7 check. ? Checkmate in more move

  17. It is fascinating but intentionally handicapping yourself into a stalemate seems such a strange part of the game.

  18. I figured out the part with the rook beforehand. Not impossible to spot for sure

  19. Absolutely amazing stuff! Thank you! Keep on creating and never burn out!

  20. You could've had the whole 12 minutes without commentary considering I've never before seen a chess puzzle speak for itself

  21. 😆the chess speaks for itself🤣… careful, he suin everyone!

  22. at 3:22 black can mate with horse d7 to e5 and the king is left with the move c5 and know you can check mate with horse d6 to b7

  23. In the 39 sec of the video I answer your question : win for black otherwise you wont show it to us

  24. 8:04 instead of moving the knight to e5 we could deliver a checkmate by moving the knight to b8 checkmate

  25. Please check it, why whant move e5 wr can move to b6 then quen move to b8 game all most game over to next step f5 to d6

  26. It’s amazing how this puzzle has three different main lines all with under promotion to a different piece! Absolutely incredible

  27. 10:00 actually it could perfectly be a draw if we could trade our knight for the bishop, because black can't checkmate us with 2 knights without stalemate or without having us a pawn to give them enough tempo for their checkmate

  28. The fact that you have to say which way the pawns move when there is notation on the board stuns me every time.

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