A Trick in Bishop + Rook vs Rook Endgames


  1. Does rook g7 also work? How can black stop mate?

  2. Just don’t bring the king to the 8th, 1st, a, or h file then

  3. Why is it only that square, why can’t you bring the rook to the edge of the board?

  4. I’m trying to figure out how to make videos like this lol

  5. But in fps chess rook has a sniper and can win by itelf so black can win

  6. Me who thought he was gonna say completely winning 😭

  7. I'm not that good at chess but I would have move my king at d8 so that I can block with my rook

  8. You look like a well known rapper from India named kr$na

  9. What if black plays Kd8? If white tries to checkmate with rook u block

  10. Why can’t I just play rook g7? It’s unstoppable

  11. I actually won with a rook and bishop against a rook once

  12. i remember solving this exact puzzle in puzzle rush

  13. On the first move with black you can move the king to the left and then block with rook

  14. But when the black king go D8 in the first time your trap doesn't work anymore

  15. Rook E2 to F2 would be in time to stop mate no?

  16. Pause the video to solve the solution is rook f4

    We didn’t get any time to pause it 😢

  17. Chess is such a complex game just one square can be the difference between winning and losing

  18. Am I actually gonna remember this tip? Most likely not 'cause my short-term memory is trash.

    Do I still appreciate this short because of Zach's contagious enthusiasm for chess? You bet.

  19. Why can’t the rook go to g3 at the last option

  20. This looks like a position from one of Carlsen's games

  21. You are threatening to threaten 😂😂

  22. I'm about to fall asleep, but you can get out of it by moving black king to the left thx goodnight

  23. Actually from rook to F4 you can move your king to D4, then he checks and you block with rook

  24. I tried pausing but yt does not let me in time

  25. You dum 😑 black king to f8 is safe for black 👍 After white Rook play g4 👍

  26. “Usually rooks and bishops end games against rook is completely drawn”

    You’re underestimating my ability to throw

  27. Couldn't you just do rook to E7 on the first moge

  28. Couldn't you just do rook E7, pinning the rook and the king and protected by your own king

  29. Can't you move your rook to either a7 or b7 instead of took f4? Because then black is in zugzwang and will be mate after rook moves to a8 or b8??

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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