Advanced Chess Endgame – 2 (Queen Endgame Drawing Zone)

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  1. 4:16 stockfish doesn't choose either of those moves for White. It goes for Qg5 and then proceeds to destroy me and always getting checks in on my king.

  2. Gunjan Bhai, we love your work, can you make some opening videos, like the ruy lopez

  3. Hello bro im from the US and you have some serious potenial..

  4. Is there any amateur like me watching?
    Raise the hands!

  5. You are a good good teacher

  6. what about knight pattern draw its same square or you will show afterwards

  7. I hope A8 A1 Checks by black continuously it's draw only

  8. This game is a draw by any means and doesn't have to be complicated at all! Black can force a perpetual check and simply there is no escape from it.

  9. at 3.42, quen e 8 by black draws the game

  10. I knew the tactic to check the king while threatening the queen. But I was unaware of the ability to draw the game by reaching the drawing zone. Thanks for that.

  11. Why would you flip the board so black is on the bottom? What an annoying thing to do! For maybe two hundred years or more, all chess diagrams show the board from white's point of view, and you…and a few others…are rejecting this tradition, a way of analyzing chess positions that most of us have trained with our entire lives. The only reason I can think of why some people do this is because this perspective is how YOU train, which is fine for you, but not so for most others. For that reason, I gave this video a thumbs down and went elsewhere very quickly.

  12. At 2:20 when u said create this position on board and play aginst friend or computer.

    I played against stockfish and it moved white queen to g4. (Doesnt push the pawn)

  13. Please give Scotch Game Repertoire and other sidelines in the Nimzowitch Defence.

  14. At 9:20 you pronounce "vital" the way many Indians do with a w sound instead of a v sound… i.e "wital". But then at 9:30 you pronounce it correctly with a proper v sound! Ha so you CAN pronounce it lol. now theres no excuse for not pronouncing the v at the end of the word "five" instead of saying "fi". Scandinavians seem to swap V's out for W's as lot too.

  15. Strange. It seems that you haven't heard about Lomonosov Endgame Tablebases. Please compare you recommendations with them… Everything is known for such positions.

  16. Wonderful – my Fine is clearly a little out of date. Do more on these please !

  17. Can you please upload to win by Rook and pawn against a Rook?

  18. Hmm, I wondered I could draw this vs Stockfish 10 first approach. He just pushed his pawn and I could capture it. (I had send my king on way to a8 then prevented his queen from protecting the pawn without protection, by moving on c5 IIRC.
    Edit: NVM I have seen your board the wrong way (white king was on A1 for me, but I see now it's H8 wtf? It really confused me thinking it's whites side… how they get on flip sides 🙂 Edit2: The video helped me with understanding the drawing zone. Thank you.

  19. Feedback: I think for demonstration, having the pieces move slower is more useful. (you see where they come from, get more attention when they start to move, rather than just "it happened, now this is the new position".) Of course when you are very aware it is not needed, but a viewer while listening, might not always expect the new position or moving and he(she) might think about something being distracted to catch the exact change*. Also a viewer just likes a little comfort.

    *: (sometimes you forget where the piece was previously! a slower move helps preventing that…)

    Of course for playing it's ok.

  20. I tried this position against stockfish. I lose every time 😭

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