Advanced Chess Endgame – 3 (Breakthrough)

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  1. Gunjan , im really thankfull to you for uploading such videos on chess.I have learned alot from these videos.Awesome ..Thanks again…👍

  2. Bravo GJ! Thanx a lot for you too increasing our 'vast knowledge'

  3. *Bhai please make a video
    How to play against king indian defences*

  4. Thank you please share us your knowledge like this

  5. Sir you have make a video against Ninja Larsen attack from black but I request please make a video from whiteside how to play with Ninja Larsen attack from the White pieces in different variations please it's my humble request.

  6. Sir thank you for this knowledgeable videos I request you to make a video from black side how to play E4 nf6 which is known as elechine difference please it's my request thanks

  7. Sir I am a visually impaired student but still I love playing chess and I will be participating in the district and state tournament of Howrah and Kolkata respectively so I love this end game which you have teaches us.

  8. Hahahhahahah……

    Kitnaaaaa bhayaaaanak idea hogaaaa,,,,,,

    Supbbbbbbbbbb bossss👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  9. Isn't h4 a more accurate move in the first example ?? Also a4 (I think it's more accurate) could also be played in the second example, right ??

  10. Thank you for these videos! I loved that breakthrough!

  11. Mind blowing sir😍😍😍😍

  12. I really learned from these 2 exercises. Thanks man

  13. The game is a draw, NOT a win for black!! One important thing left out is that the black king can always deny going to h3 (going to h1 instead) at 9:47. A sharp player would realize this obvious fact.

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