After watching this you will never forget the Lucena position in rook endgames

There are certain theoretical endgame positions in chess that you should never forget. One of them in the Lucena position in the rook endgame. Although many students study it from time to time, they tend to forget.

In this video we show you a practical example of a game between 12-year-old Tarun and 84-year-old Subramanian T.V. which reached the Lucena position. It seemed like the veteran would win the game and then something very interesting happens.

Studying endgames with such videos of practical examples followed by the right method explained by IM Sagar Shah, helps you to create a memory marker in your head. Next time the Lucena comes up, you will remember this video and the game of Tarun vs Subramanian. That’s why we believe that watching this video carefully will ensure that you will never forget the Lucena position for the rest of your life!

Video shot by Amruta Mokal
Video editing and explanations: Sagar Shah

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  1. He's playing in GH Raisoni tournament nagpur right now

  2. 6:21 you cannot make Queen as white Rook will check and you will lose Queen next move or make repeated moves?

  3. I played against subramanian in a state level tournament . he Got very good skills in middle game . he played solid defence against unforeseen tactics. he lost time due to time crunch. in endgame he made some mistakes and I capitalise on that

  4. Sagar sir i want to see u the world Champion at least once.

  5. Thankyou sir for explaining in such a easy way , 👍🙏🙏🙏 please bring more types of videos of endgames

  6. Very nice …. In this age he wants to learn …. Learning makes perfection…. Thankyou sir
    Make more videos of endgame …

  7. I have played with subramanian t.v sir,he is from our state
    Same ending we had …what a coincidence!!!!!!!the result was draw

  8. T v subramaniam is from Tamil nadu, my state and when I started playing chess 10 yrs back he was 1800+ rated. Now I cant believe and take it that he is 1300+ rated…anyways hats off the veteran's love towards chess!!

  9. Very fine and certainly it shall be easy to remember this for future times. Fine work, IM Shah.

  10. Much simpler win is to use a standard idea and place black rock on the "h" vertical, preventing any checks and then stepping out with the black king to h2 and promoting. If white plays Kf2 then black promotes, white captures the promoted pawn with the Rock, but looses to black Rock giving check on the f line. Trivial!!!!

  11. Very nice .. I play correspondence with someone and we have a similar position ..

  12. Inspirational!!!!

    You may also subscribe on my channel

  13. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:

    This was a Very Very Instructive Endgame Video! 😃👍👌👋👏💯👑

  14. Interested thing is Arbiter is analysing game in tournament hall.

    You discussed very Well Lusena position. Every time I fail to memorize but now I can do. Thank you.

  15. 84 yrs old Subrahmanyanji played very well

  16. Hats off to Sagar analyzing lower rated games.  

    In the US, higher rated players avoid lower rated players like the plague.

  17. Actually TV Subramanian sir is our state and he was a gm

  18. Excellent explanation- thank you IM Shah and ChessBase India

  19. Sagar at the time 7:20 white can deliver mate instead of black and you missed that. Because took is on h1 it goes to h8 with check and the white king locks the black king.

  20. Well I think we can all agree that Mr. Subrasomething is playing for fun first and foremost, so it doesn't really matter if his endgames skills are a bit rusty.

  21. Whatever the result is, but I really hat's off to that 85 years young man.. 💪💪❤️❤️

  22. I also learn from this endgame❤️❤️

  23. Hats off to the 84 years old man really awesome….

  24. On 6.06 min you said Rh5 is completely winning. I don't think so because white will play Kf3 !

  25. great example! Congrats! I wonder when are they going to start using computers that write the moves.

  26. he was 1650rtg approx in 2011
    i lost against him in GS raisoni open tmt 2011 Nagpur.

  27. just listen to few last sentences he says

  28. At 6:22, even after Black queens the pawn, its a draw for white (no game over as you said!) by perpetual check by the rook like Rh7 + K-G2, R-g7+ etc. ! Otherwise black loses his queen once more. Am I right?

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