Always Calculate the Endgame

this video sook 🙁


  1. cant you push the king with the pawn to continue gaining opposition?

  2. It's so cool when you have a few pawns but there is some tactics

  3. What if the black checks us using his pawns instead and then he moves his pawns to queen

  4. In the second scenario can’t you just move the king up?

  5. Me taking the pawn when they took without think for a nanosecond: ✌️

  6. Yes I can just call the cops in the USA in 1880

  7. These tatics are very player specific and many people would not get here by playing better moves

  8. Bro just push the king queening at the same time does not mean draw because white can just start giving checks

  9. How can I improve such type of calculation. Is there any puzzle book

  10. Rather than going up you could do opposition Kf6 to get another tempo enough for the pawn to promotes

  11. When we queen at the same time give a check and grab the free queen

  12. It is funny how tactics with 5 pawns on the board can be more complicated than the tactics with all pieces

  13. After king f6 just play h5 then opposition with pawns and queen lol

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