Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. Knight G6 is checkmate because knight protected by king and king is covering the 2 squares for escape amd black king is in a corner

  2. After night's brilliant move, can't the rook go on f8 and block the pawn?

  3. Nah man thats not checkmate as black can play king c3. After that, black's winning with the killer move… QE4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Its a easy checkmate if u now…


    jk horsey g7

  5. Grandmaster:You cant checkmate with a knight

  6. The very specific scenario you can checkmate with a knight and king. Very snazzy.

  7. What if an autodraw occurs before checkmate?

  8. What abt rook f8 when he moves the knight to e7 ?

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