Amazing QUEEN Sacrifice TRICK You Must Know #chess #chesspuzzle #chessendgames

QUEEN Sacrifice TRICK You Must Know #chess #chesspuzzle #chessendgames

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  1. To win you must take opposition faster than you take your salary

  2. when you take his rook he has the move Kingh8

  3. How did he turn the square blue??? Please answer!

  4. White king go f7 pawn go queen and then checkmate

  5. Thats not right. U gave away move of blacks

  6. U should have pushed the pin so u can make it a knight or queen so u can win

  7. No idiot will use two pawn to to kill one pawn at end game he wil just block your pawn

  8. I though it was Qe6, black Rxe6, Kxe6 black g6, f5, black takes f5 kxh5 black h5, kg5, black kg8 and then kxh5 amd so on. Tell me if i did any notation fails tell me

  9. Why would king go g8 ans not f8? Block that pawn earlier

  10. Found the solution from where you left off.
    1. Kf7 Kc6 2. e8=Q+ Kd5 3. Qe6+ Kd4 4. Kf6 Kc3 5. Ke5 Kd3 6. Kf4 Kc3 7. Qe4 Kb3
    8. Ke3 Ka3 9. Qc4 Kb2 10. Kd2 Ka3 11. Kd1 Kb2 12. Kd2 Ka3 13. Kd3 Kb2 14. Qc3+
    Ka2 15. Kd2 Kb1 16. Qc2+ Ka1 17. Qc3+ Kb1 18. Kd1 Ka2 19. Ke2 Kb1 20. Qd2 Ka1
    21. Kd3 Kb1 22. Kc3 Ka1 23. Kb3 Kb1 24. Qb2# 1-0

  11. Brother,if the king moves to f8 instead of g8?

  12. kf7 the king has to move away from the pawn THEN YOU QUEEN or DAAAAAA RRRROOOOOKKKKKKKHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  13. I was also thinking about sacrifice the queen and queen

  14. King F7 then push the pawn to E8 I suppose. Did I get this right?

  15. What if he moves his pawn to g6 instead of g5

  16. So if he don't push pawn and retreat with king instead it's a draw or he wins

  17. I would never push the pawn 2 squares that just loses the game

  18. Qe5!!, Rg1!, If h5, g6!, hxg6+, Rxg6, Qe7+, Re7. The position is now equal. What are you gonna do? If the queen goes back, RG6!!!! And then you got a draw. This video is pure lies.

  19. F8 then you can promote, and then you win with the queen

  20. Why not queen g6 n then u can win from there

  21. after pawn takes rook, the black king can take opposition, why would he push his pawn down

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