Amazing QUEEN Sacrifice TRICK You Must Know #chess #chesspuzzle #chessendgames

QUEEN Sacrifice TRICK You Must Know #chess #chesspuzzle #chessendgames

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  1. "How to win in two moves?"
    I know how stalemate in 37

  2. In my elo they rather lose over sacrificing a queen

  3. King F7, (Random black move ) Queen N' Win

  4. King to F8 stops promotion and ends with a stalemate

  5. Pawn to h5 , Queen to G6 , Can checkmate or no ?

  6. Can the black pawn go to g6 instead off g5? And can black go king f8 instead off king g8?

  7. People who know how to queen in 1 move😅

  8. I don't know how to win after 2 moves

  9. Wait what is the point ofgoing 2 squares when you can also go 1 square and give a check

  10. Why Not immidiatly Go queen to g6

  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Great video! Thanks for posting it. Loved the food images too!😀

  13. What if he moves his king to g8 to stop that pawn instead of pushing his own?

  14. Push king up then after black moves promote to queen

  15. I know! Promote to a rook obviously, it's the strongest piece!

  16. The food poisoning is from the queen or the four burgers?😂

  17. My friend eats 4 burgers in 1 second, so he will take the queen on a lightning speed

  18. Plot twist – He doesn't eat burgers

  19. I thought its not force to take?(ik Im dumb)

  20. Eat this faster than four burgers. What even is that?

  21. instructions unclear i sacrificed my king

  22. Chessscape : Congrats you just created a passed pawn.
    Auto generated subtitles : Congrats you just created a passport.

  23. This guy is my motivation to play chess, I love his goofy little comments and amazing editing, keep up the good work!

  24. Where are the burgers for ‘my friend’ to eat?💀

  25. 'Easy chess…sacrifice DA KWEEN!!' 👑👑

    As for winning in two moves — DON'T QUEEN YET!! Keep the pawn protected with Kf7 first. Black's king has to step aside, and now you can quuen and win. 😁😁

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