An endgame technique to avoid chess calculation

An important question that often comes about in an endgame is “Can the king catch the pawn?”. We can calculate this by counting the number of moves it’ll take each player, or visualizing the moves of each player. This video however illustrates a simple technique that is fast, efficient, foolproof, and requires no calculation.


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  1. How about if the black king is inside the box? Is there a generalizable solution for that? I tried to make an a.i for this motif, but temporarily gave up because I kept finding exception cases.

  2. @ChessNetwork What's the music playing at the end of your videos?

  3. Excellent Jerry.  We desperately need more technique videos.  There are certain things in chess that you can look for to "just know" the status or safe points or whatever.  I think a number of these technics are missing from my arsenal.  But also, you explain this very well. 

  4. Great video. I always visualized the pieces moving or counted the spaces, both which waste a good bit of time. This is much easier and it requires no practice to be able to use.

  5. Very nice and cool technique! 🙂 I'll be using this 😀 thanks, Jerry!

  6. Stop counting/visualizing. Start "drawing". 🙂

    Thank you in advance for any +1's/likes/comments/shares…

  7. I don't understand what he means by "enter the box". It seems like in every scenario, the King was within the blue lines drawn.

  8. Never knew this. Extremely Helpful. Great video!

  9. I knew this technique already but you explained it very well in the video. Good job Jerry. I'm looking forward to more techniques in the future.

  10. Awesome! I really like this "trick"! It's fast and easy!

  11. I knew the technique and if the pawn is still on his home square, you just have to imagine, that the pawn is on the 3rd/7th rank and draw the square from that particular square. I mean, if the pawn is on b7, you take the diagonal from b6 down to g1 🙂 Great video Jerry! 🙂

  12. I never even thought about this. Thanks for the tip Jerry.

  13. Jerry, this is a great technique. So, so helpful. As always. Cheers!

  14. Basic, but very useful and something all chess players should learn. Well explained!

  15.  Tactics training on chesstempo and watching your videos are great even if i don't play the correct openings. 950+ hoping by next year i can be at 1400!

  16. Great video! Please post more endgame tricks like this… Maybe, how to force a passed pawn with a basic 3-on-2 majority? Thanks for all  your videos!

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