An Instructive Chess Endgame Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
2kq4/8/1PPP4/8/8/4P3/8/3K4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
J. Silhan, 1977

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  1. i did not know about oppostition, i never seem to figure out why some times i make this and sometimes i don't.
    Very instructive, thanks!

  2. Nice one, not hard, but still funny to solve. I love endgames

  3. Did bobbyfisherman get stuck on that island?

  4. I am or was watching Queens gambit.

    Any beth Harmon opening, midgame and closing suggestions?

  5. You know how Nelson’s been doing some videos on weird but effective openings? He should really make one on the Old Benoni Defense. Most people think it’s weird and unpopular, but I’ve found out their are some really interesting lines in it. Also, because it is so uncommon to face in a game, white can VERY easily mess up and obtain a disadvantage in less than 3 moves! If you’re reading this Nelson, I hugely recommend making a video and learning about the old Benoni (1. d4 c5)!!!! Also I love these puzzles 🧩

  6. Opposition is so important and my favorite explanation is how Aman explains it as walking your girl to class in school and some dude gets in your way. It’s hilarious and helpful.

  7. I dont like that white doesnt win in the thumbnail

  8. How about Pushing d7, then after Kb8, push the E pawn?

  9. Thanks for the lesson bro! Recommend any books to understand pawns… 800 elo and up?

  10. Challenge – Half of the Board: You can only move your pieces to squares on your side of the board (the 1st rank to the 4th rank). You must also checkmate your opponent whith pieces on your side of the board. If you must move a piece to the other side, you lost. Good luck to you!

  11. Theres a line where you promote to a kight with check and win.

  12. The 2 choices in puzzle are about tempo. Pushing the D pawn gave black the tempo needed to gain opposition

  13. I'm not great at chess puzzles, but what's wrong with b7, Kb8, d7? That seems like a really strong position.

  14. Very instructive ! Thank you Nelson!

  15. I tried to solve the thumbnail and got a draw…

  16. Wrong!!! this puzzle is a draw. Why did you choose the c-pawn first to capture and not the b-pawn? Why did you choose a capture that leads to a draw? A good player would choose to capture the b-pawn first and then draw. Unfortunately dislike

  17. Surprisingly as a 700 rated I instantly saw this.

  18. Me: I’m sure it’s gotta be the middle one!
    Chess vibes: This move makes no sense…
    My stupid ass: 👁️👄👁️

  19. As a chess coach and trainer of potential kids, your videos are very helpful to me.. many thanks!

  20. A pawn in front of the king is an automatic draw? Why?

  21. Clickbait without whole picture

  22. This is ez go b7 king has 1 square fork with pawn c7 and you win im not wasting my time looking at this vid

  23. I thought I saw a different move for white, that revolves less around the king+pawn endgame. 1. b7, Kb8 2. d7. If the queen takes, the pawn takes, and the king can't prevent both pawns from promoting. If the queen sits on c7, white just moves king and e-pawn forward. If the queen moves elsewhere, white pushes the c pawn.

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something, but I'd love to know what's wrong with this.

  24. I think the thumbnail lied. It's not possible for white to win with just the three pawns.

  25. Bro! Just saw the thumbnail and thought thats it. 3 pawns against King + Queen.
    After 5min watching for a solution, i know waste another 2min writing this comment about how dumb i was.

  26. I can't imagine a scenario in which those three pawns get lined up that way.

  27. Your thumbnail was misleading. There is clearly no way to win that position but it didn't show that White had another pawn in addition to the three visible.

  28. d7+
    If black Qxd7 -> cxd7 Kxd7 and push your e pawn and your king because if black king moves one step right then you can just promote your b pawn
    If black Kb8 -> c7+ and if black moves their king away than cxd8=Q so you win
    So black must play Qxc7 then bxc7+ Kxc7 and you are in a winning KP endgame

  29. I had the right move but the totally wrong reasoning. I just didn't want the pawn to be seen by the queen lol

  30. I got the right pawn but didn't think it through beyond the K+Q fork.

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