Anna Rudolf explains why she loves endgames and how to play them

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Are you among those players who find endgames boring and difficult to understand? WGM Anna Rudolf (Miss Strategy) teaches you how to think in endgames so you can actually enjoy playing them! .

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  2. I don’t own any leather bound book :/

  3. I did ending and hate when I don't get one!

  4. Excellent presentation, thanks for sharing it!

  5. Unlike you filthy heathens I'm not her simply just to gawk at her body, however it is magnificent m'lady, I'm simply here to enjoy a chess tutorial

  6. She's a literal angel!….beauty with brains❣️

  7. Voice, eyes, smile. Check all those boxes. Even if i hated chess i would watch her videos just to hear her talk. Beautiful and smart. Love her videos.

  8. Should we also carry a lip balm in the endgames 🙂 thx for video

  9. Also from Soothouse, but I just wanna say thank you to Anna for posting these tutorials and helping those of us who are learning to become better at chess. Many thanks!

  10. I’d love to show you my “end game “ wink wink, and let you read my leather bound books

  11. 12:27 Now Stockfish 8 would play F6, and I don't see how White could win this. (I'm still a newby. I'll keep on trying.)

  12. Huh. My thought was actually to reverse the whole procedure — run the King to b2 and bishop d2 and push a4, then run to the h-file for entrance if the a-pawn passes, or close the h-file for a-file entry if captured e.p. Looks like it should work just as well. Am I missing any particular reason to prefer Anna's version?

  13. Everyone ask why are leather bound books, but no one asks how are leather bound books.

  14. Great video, well presented. I vom'd in my mouth a bit at the comparison of Chess to Risk, but that's just me, I hate that game

  15. You deliver these talks with such charm and enthusiasm, they are a joy to watch because you make them so, thankyou.

  16. I really like this problem. White is winning unless it makes a mistake. And are there a lot of little mistakes to be made.

    But it's not supercomplicated, everybody with a little bit of patience on their side can figure this one out because there aren't a lot of possible moves.

  17. anna got so much better at this over the years.

  18. Very impressive how much she has grown since then. She's almost an adult lady by now!

  19. Here is a proof that Anna is the chess fairy: She did not age in the last 6 years.

  20. What a gem. I wonder what Anna thinks of this time capsule-esqe relic. 😀

  21. There's no way I'd have seen the winning strategy in that endgame position. Excellent.

  22. as soon as the Queens come off, I offer a draw. If declined, I resign.

  23. Endgames are fascinating! They show us a glimpse into the possibilities that Dr. Strange looked into, and help us figure out exactly what we need to do to defeat Thanos.

    Oops, wait. Wrong endgame!

  24. I won't be able to think of a strategy with too much steps like that. 😭

  25. What if he goes to bishop chech before how can you pass with a king no way

  26. Cool, I set it up and tried to get it done without sacrificing the bishop .. if A2 pawn could advance past the king – but no player gonna let that one happen, Black king gets there first. So no way to get White king onto G7 without distracting the Black bishop ..

  27. I found that Black has one last resource at the 12:27 position, he can play f5 and White has a good chance of making a mistake here. It immediately seems that exf6 (en passant) is best, but this appears to fail to e5 and then Kc5 Ke6 f7 Kxf7 and White has no good moves. However, it is instead gxf6 (en passant) that is the winning move for White as he can still catch the distant passed pawn.

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