Basic Chess Endgames That ALL Players MUST Know!

In this video we will be looking at some of the most basic chess endgames that all players need to know to begin to master the endgame.

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A-Z to chess openings:

More Checkmate puzzles:

0:00 introduction
0:52 Two Queens versus the Lone King
5:24 A Queen and a Rook versus the Lone King
7:00 Two Rooks versus the Lone King
10:38 A Queen and a King versus the Lone King
15:09 Careful of Stalemates!
16:43 A Rook and a King versus the Lone King
26:45 QUIZ TIME!


  1. You know you spelt Queens incorrectly placing an I in there. Just thought I should mention that for the sake of presentation in future vids mate

  2. Makes sense to study the end game because it really shows how the pieces work and helps with calculation immensy

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