BEAUTIFUL Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

BEAUTIFUL Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. If your king is in e5 why can't i just play g4 and stop your king from threatening the bishop so if you queen you loose the pawn and if you back off i queen

  2. What about king g4 to protect the bishop?

  3. Just go d8 by King and the movie the pawn. What wrong with u?

  4. Bruh if they promote the pawn right away it’s a draw. They won’t capture the bishop they will capture the pawn

  5. Why don’t you just move to the square that the pawn was at and promote

  6. This is crazy, I’ll never be good at endgames

  7. King to e 6 is white winning 🤦🤦

  8. All of these moved are not brilliant☠️☠️☠️

  9. When the white king was at E5 the bishop at F5 the black king should have moved

  10. What if u play king g4 protecting the bishop

  11. Pls someone explain why you wouldn't play Kd6 immediately? You can't defend the pawn AND prevent a queen, right?

  12. What about king g4 that stops the white king from killing the bishop

  13. what if he protected the bishop with his king

  14. After bishop d7 bishop e6 is up because if the pawn passes the line the king can’t get there and if goes for bishop stop promotion go again

  15. My dumbass prolly gonna lose instead of draw after that.

  16. It's an easy draw after King g4 when the opponent king comes to attack the bishop..

  17. But what if you play king g4 defending the bishop

  18. What if I stead of b4, black goes Bf5?

  19. Bro not moving the king to protect something is a sin

  20. I remembered the position and in one sec I answered Kc8 … without any calculation or why, hehe

  21. What if when he brings the king close to the bishop u get ur king close so he can’t capture?

  22. Why not go Kd6 first? No reason to block the pawn right?

  23. Plot twist: the players decide to play on for a few moves and one of them gets skewered

  24. What if black protects the bishop with the king

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