Beautiful Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know!

Beautiful Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know!


  1. I'm so proud of my self that this is the first chess puzzle I seriously solved and I got it on my first 10sec after seeing it

  2. i was think Rg5 to deflect the dark rook from the 3rd rank then pawn up is mate but i realised it could be easily countered

  3. Rook a5
    Dumb dude playing as black captures rook
    Knight c5

  4. for these videos can u specify which way the pawns can capture? i thought white and black were switched and i was so confused

  5. i found this and i feel proud (i would not find it in real game)

  6. I was so close to finding the answer nooo

  7. Dont put that timer on chess board
    It is super annoying

  8. Bruh just put Rook a5 and that's Checkmate in 1

  9. You can checkmate it by putting the knight above the black king the putting the rook one square to the right of the knight

  10. First time to see pieces not touch the king and still checkmate

  11. I know that in this kind of videos you should always sacrifice something so did i and found the move easily

  12. Horse next to king and then tower or king checkmates

  13. Well if black pawn is moving up there is mate in 1

  14. and then he sacrificed u know u know it say it. THE ROOOOOOOOOK

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