Beautiful Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know!

Beautiful Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know!


  1. please mark which way the pawns are going before the vid starts

  2. The knight didn't actually checkmate all by itself , the pawn blocked the King's last escape square.

  3. Thanks to GothamChess now my instinct always tells me to sacrifice… THE ROOK


  5. Couldn't you just play Knight C5 mate in 1?

  6. Night to c5 bock king to a5 pawn b4 check mate

  7. Spoilers…

    I think it's a Rook Sac?

    Sac rook on a5, then combo with knight c5.
    When the pawn takes the rook (Only Move), it gets deflected to the square the rook was "guarding" for the checkmate. This also removes the defender of c5, allowing the knight to loop back the other way for checkmate.

    King covers the front, pawn covers bottom left, their pawn covers the top left, and knight swoops in for the KO.

  8. Theres two checkmate one u showef and the other one is knightc4 then pawn b5

  9. couldnt we just do Rh1-Ra1?

    (im prob. stupid rn)

  10. bro not 2 i found mate in 1 move the knight next to king and done

  11. Yassss! Found it ☺️

  12. The waffle house has found its new host says:

    Please pin me, the chess board is wrong, the light sqaures and dark squares are swapped

  13. Why tf was I trying to checkmate the white king?😭

  14. I solved the puzzle. But it was with a hint, so my rating still goes down 17 points… 🙄

  15. They didn't say what way the pawns went so it was harder to the puzzle

  16. Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down says:

    It would be nice if I knew which way the pawns are going…

  17. Rook h1, a9 also gives checkmate, 2-3 moves depending of black moves his rook

  18. I would if done rh1 then ra1 (if they didn’t block with r g1)

  19. I was righg about the rook but didn't see the knight pawn cheackmate

  20. Took me ages to find Ra5+, bxa5, Nc5#, but when i did i was so happy

  21. This is is the first time I actually solved one of these.

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