Beautiful CHESS ENDGAME Zugzwang Trick

Beautiful CHESS ENDGAME Zugzwang Trick


  1. An active rook will always beat an active knight. An active knight can be stronger than a passive rook.

  2. Why didn't black move the pawn when it was defended by the knight so black can get an queen

  3. following your logic i can just pull up that one game where the dude checkmated with en passant and say "pawn is better than queen, bishop, rook, knight, other pawns"

  4. But the knight is the only one who can get a queen out of a fork and if the board isn't close to being empty, he is useless while the knight is useful in both situations. The only other think the knight is useless is when he is the last one on the board because it can't checkmate with the king

  5. Ummm if its Knight vs rock why there is pawns??

  6. knight f3 was by no means the only move. If black moves either of the pawns, the rook is forced to either let let black promote or take the pawn, allowing the other pawn to take the rook and ALSO promote.

  7. Bruh 2 Times there was more than one legal move

  8. well actually the rook has the power of friendship…

  9. Me:Bcs Rook Is Worth 5 Points While Knight 3
    Him:Watch This

  10. Why are rooks worth 5 and bishops/knights are 3?

  11. How was the Nf7 move forced, knight could have easily return to b7. I have no doubt that rook is stronger than knight, but this cherry-picked example is not the reason.

  12. Wouldn't rook d5 work just as good as rook e7? Knight can't move otherwise check, and the pawns can't move since somethings in their way, the only move is to move the king which they cant

  13. bro wtf i literally just got 2 of these exact same videos one bellow other

  14. Initiate Zugzwang: Rd5. No matter what move he makes, we can capture his king. And we win easily 😀

  15. Black can just promote pawn to queen because pawn can just move to g7 and the rook can't kill because of h6 if rook checks need to sacrifice the knight so u will lose so if the rook doesn't notice its better to move the pawn in a defensive way

  16. The rook is mostly good in endgames but most of the time the knight is better

  17. Black needed to move the pawn on the right then capture rook 8f he tried to take it

  18. Black can still make the game a draw by moving the knight back and forth

  19. he sounds like bogdanoff when he says "activate, ze zugwang" XD

  20. You can move the knight above the pawn to keep knight secure

  21. Do you want to know why the rook is better than a horse?

    Because rook = 5 points
    and horse = 3 points

  22. Everybody gangsta until knight does the German fork

  23. Knight is the only piece whose check can't be blocked by an piece. The king has to move or to capture the knight. And I think knight should of 5 points instead of 3

  24. wow this video is very interesting can you do same for knigth an bishop ?

  25. but if the knight moves to a5, its stalemate if the rook takes, right?

  26. What if after rook e7 the paws moved?

  27. when he said "Mission 1" and "Mission 2" all i could think of is the rocket daggers from go-on wings

  28. Hot take: Below 1000 elo the knight is the most powerful piece after the queen.

  29. Rook to e6 then rook to e5 is checkmate-

  30. "A rook can't defeat 2 connected past pawns."
    -The guy who makes this video

  31. Bro you forgot about the two passed pawns

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