Beautiful CHESS ENDGAME Zugzwang Trick

Beautiful CHESS ENDGAME Zugzwang Trick


  1. Every one is a gangster until the knight forks the king and queen

  2. I mean, there are a lot of reasons and that's one of them.

  3. I actually started playing to entertain my brain and get better focus
    Edit : Mom I'm famous

  4. The same as if:

    Do you know that a pawn is stronger than 9 queens in chess?
    shows a position with a pawn checkmate in one

  5. You are not win yet 2 pawn vs a rook it is hard for the rook

  6. Every Chess Piece Stand

    Pawn : Structure Stand
    Knight : Fork Stand
    BiShop : Colour Stand
    Rook : 7th Rank Stand
    Queen : Power Stand
    King : Run Stand
    All : Opening Stand

  7. Before i found this video, ive just won a rook vs knight battle in chess. Well, i was up a pawn so yea

  8. nah u could of pined the knight to Do a draw

  9. Rook d5 is a draw i think its worth it cause black has more piece

  10. Also a room is able to cut the king off and castle. Also it’s able to checkmate

  11. Is zugzwang a move where theres not a move that doesnt sabotahe u?

  12. When a rook is in the corner with 0 activity and horse is forking like crazy.
    The horse: you sure a rook better?

  13. The way people find these tactics is crazy, I could never think of this in an actual game lol

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