Beautiful TRICK To Win Chess Endgames

Beautiful TRICK To Win Chess Endgames


  1. Wait where's that Magnus clip from? Can you link the full interview?

  2. Move the pawn to B7 then the queen is in danger and can't move under the pawn cos of the black queen

  3. King a7 then queen c7 then move pawn to b7,and b8 you now have two queens make sure to not hang your queen while promoting your pawn

  4. king A7, white cannot check… if white try to check thay can say bye² to the queen

  5. I think Ka7. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. Pawn b7 queen c4+ king a7 and there's no checks left he tries pushing the pawn and we promote

  7. …Ka7. The White queen can't check from anywhere great except from d7.

  8. Dude i actually scrolled after he said good night

  9. How are y'all pissing your pawns backwards to b7?

  10. Bishop from -94V is the only way to stop losing😔

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