Do you know how to promote to a queen and win, or will black stop you and force a draw? Chess endgame strategy starts with this basic principle: the King & Pawn endgame. Once you master the concept of opposition, endgames will become much easier.

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  1. I already learned this, but i think its a good video for beginners.

  2. How i can use arrows i turned on the setting and i tried everything but i cant use it. What is the god level secret technic of arrow

  3. Thanks Bobby this little stuff helps so much tbh

  4. I respect the fact that you’re trying to teach new players but at least give credit to the person who taught the principle to you

  5. Push the pawn to the end, make your opponent feel hopelessness and watch them drown in it, then underpromote to a bishop and draw by insufficient material

  6. When is the next viewer arena? I really enjoyed this one.

  7. lol you struggled with rook and king endgame L

  8. Can anyone explain why stalemating counts as a draw instead of a win for whoever is pinning?

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