Bishop + Knight Mate Simplified | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

00:10 Intro
01:00 Phase 1
06:10 W Pattern
11:48 Common Mistakes

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  1. I know full well that when I ever get into this situation I'll have forgotten all of this, but great explanation anyway lol

  2. I love it! It feels a bit out of order with the videos before though that were focusing on very fundamental methods and creating names for common patterns etc. knight plus bishop seems like a very, very specific corner case situation tho. I’m just going by the playlist order. Should I go differently about it?

  3. Thanks Daniel for teaching me this last thing that I've been trying to learn for a very long time. One day I'll beat you like this. ❤

  4. I've only had to do this in a real game once. I did study it a little bit, but my opponent literally beelined his king straight towards one of the corners that I needed. So it was much easier than it should've been. I was 1500 then so I guess he didn't know what to do or he just wanted to get it over with? Resigning was his best move.

  5. Nice to see an explanation which isn't just the simple algorithm once black king is in the 'wrong' corner. Also nice to see an example of a black king actually trying to defend the mate instead of just blindly sprinting to the 'wrong' corner like the lichess training bot does. Thanks!

  6. at 14:36, he says "knight c5, king b8", but my opponent doesn't go king b8 there. Instead, they go king d8. Now what? I can't wrap my head around this haha

  7. 13:38 what if black plays Kb7 instead of Kc6? I’ve been trying to do the mate against stockfish but I’m stuck after Kb7 there

  8. Wow, out of absolutely everyone, he is the one who managed to make me understand this whole method. The best, undoubtedly.

  9. Am not joking. Danya is the best chess teacher online

  10. I might never get the chancd to use that video but it is still one of the best constructive videos i have ever seenAlready watched it like a dozen times maybe the first time was a year agoDanya is just too good

  11. I watched this video and mated stockfish in just 2 or 3 minutes with knight and bishop. Danya is the best teacher

  12. Just had this in a game and could not mate. Now im here!

  13. Even with take back it took me 45 moves

  14. the fear of not knowing can put you in bad spots this guy doesn't only teach chess take life advices from him

  15. I really enjoyed your explanation of the technique involved with checkmating with a bishop and knight.

  16. I actually drew a game because I didnt know how to do it so Ill finally learn now lmao

  17. It's pointless to practice with an engine. The real challenge is when you face a human.

  18. This is the 4th video I'm watching and I still don't get it, Can you teach me online?

  19. I think the value in this is memorizing procedures (multi-move systems where the moves are not guaranteed to be the same, but they fall within guidelines). And advanced chess seems to be full of these.

  20. I had this in a real game ONCE in my entire time playing (1500 elo) and I didnt know this mate back then so it was draw 😢

  21. Well, the real question is: Can you teach us how to mate with KQ vs KR? I still haven't figured that one out.

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