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BRILLIANT chess game Tactics 💥👏

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  1. If he moves d7pawn will kill the Q with the R if moves the f7 P its mate for the Q xg6 P

  2. If d pawn takes the rook takes queen if f pawbctakes queen f5 is mate if u dont take then queen e8 is unstoppable mate

  3. Ne6

    If fxe6= Qxg6#

    If dxe6= Rxd8+ (He lost the queen)

    If Black ignores and does not take the knight = Qxf8#

  4. D×e6 then you will lose the queen and f7xe6 then it will be a smothered mate on g6.

  5. Lose queen or get checkmated?

  6. This is a blunder if f Pon take checkmate if d Pon take you take Queen the king take rook but your rook is trapped

  7. That move is brilliant, Let me explain:
    If the d7 pawn takes on e6, Rxd8# checkmate but if the f7 pawn takes instead, Qxg6# checkmate.
    If black doesn't want to take and moves any piece, Qxf8# is checkmate

  8. It’s the best move, but you need to take with the d7 pawn, then rook takes d8, king takes d8, then queen takes f8 and bishop takes h1.
    Edit: the king needs to move to c7.

  9. Stay with us and become a Master soon 💥😄😄

  10. If d7 takes e6 take the queen and when he takes u take the biship buy if f7 takes u have mate in one on g6

  11. possibly the best move ive ever seen in a casual game

  12. if he takes with f pawn then what?

  13. The best move for black is to lose the queen with dxe6, after rook takes and king takes rook, there is not anymore checkmate threats so you can just grab the rook after the queen takes you bishop if anything else it would have been checkmate

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