Can Hikaru win rook vs bishop endgame.#hikaru #shorts #magnuscarlsen #chessbase #levy #chessvideos

Can Hikaru win rook vs bishop endgame

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  1. This ain't Hikaru or any pro playing. The queen was free as hell

  2. No way people in this comment section is this dumb.
    If you give rf1 check, kxe6(king takes e6 pawn) and protects the queen

  3. Everyone here better than Hikaru give me a line after Rfl Kxe6

  4. ɪᴄᴇᴄᴏʟᴅ ɴᴏᴇʟ Noel Radhakrishnan says:


  5. Pls tell me that his mustache is not coming from his nose.

  6. Thanks a lots❤️❤️❤️guys for 150k+ views on this video👍

  7. I thought Hikaru would play with the bishop cus it's relatively ez to win with the rook

  8. Тоже не понимаете, как ладья ходит по диагонали? У гроссов ходит, забейте.

  9. At the beginning, couldn't he just go rf1, deflecting the king away, but if the king takes the pawn you pin?

  10. yesterday i tied because of rock vs bishop and dont know what i need do to win, im pretty bad at chess, and maybe i will use this tactic in future 😀

  11. El final de parecía al girasol de plantas vs zombies moviendo la cabeza xd

  12. he missed free queen after kings move to protect queen 4oock chek and hes pucked

  13. missed re8 mate,he played re7 instead…

  14. guys, why he didn't put rock on f1, after the black king on f3? it's win of the queen, doesn't it?

  15. Pudo hacer torre F1 asta yo me di cuenta xd :"v

  16. His dance was like the same with Elon Musk 😅

  17. When he played Qd4 black played Kf6 then Hikaru could have played Rf1+ and take the queen. Pls tell me if I m wrong

  18. Why not to take a queen for free in the beginning of the video, after move rook

  19. After Kf6 why hikaru don't go rook f1 check, definitely could win the queen

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