Can White Avoid Stalemate And Win? ♚ Improve Your Endgames ♚ Cool Chess Puzzles

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In this video, I show an instructive endgame where white can triangulate their pieces in order to win the game. This was composed by D. Joseph in 1922. Thank you for watching and be sure to subscribe for more chess content!
FEN – 1k1K3Q/1p6/1P6/8/8/8/8/q7 w – – 0 1


  1. Nice one! It's worth mentioning that playing 1.Qe8 immediately with the same idea of uncovered mate after a check fails to 1…Qg7 covering the entire 7th rank, so the intermediary 1.Qg8 is needed to force the black queen to a different diagonal first.

  2. Huh I just thought it would be a draw because the two pawns were blocking each other and I didn't see promotion chances.

  3. You messed up the FEN in the description. 1k1K3Q/1p6/1P6/8/8/8/8/q7 w – – 0 1 is the actual one. Also, IMO much nicer to link a Lichess analysis board with the position, so you can try it out yourself.

  4. wow-this is a quality puzzle. Very difficult and very good.

  5. I saw this puzzle in the form of pawns on h7 and a2, instead of queens on h8 and a1.

  6. Do you know that video length is a osu! meme

  7. You have copied this puzzle. What's the point of posting it again

  8. what if when you return the queen to the original position they move to f4 with the idea of blocking?

  9. 1.Qh8 Qa2 2. Qe8 Qa4 3.Qe5+ Kh2 4.Qh8 Qf4 what you do in this Situration ???

  10. What if you immediately go to E8 instead of the 2 step process?

  11. I spent the first 2 minutes thinking that it would be a discovered check by moving the king, and then realized how dumb I am.

  12. I noticed that the number of squares increases with each move during the triangulation. It went 1…2…3…then 4 squares.

  13. Haven't watched yet but I think its 1. Qg8 Qa2(threatens any kingmove mate but now there is queen takes queen) 2. Qf8 Qa3 3. Qe8 Qa4 4. Qe5+ Ka8 5. Qh8 threatening the same thing but he can't use the tension method because its no longer stalemate. So this should just win

    Edit: AHH SO CLOSE

  14. Why cant the black queen go to f4 and after b2 to defend himself at the end when the white queen came back to the corner?

  15. I found out it's either moving on the 8th rank or later on move to king away because the discorverd check couldn't be stop. nice one 🙂

  16. When the king is on a8, could you not move your queen to f4?

  17. Took me some time to find a triangulation to repeat the same position but with the king on A8 instead of b8, and then the black queen can’t go back to a1 because it would be taken. It’s check …
    Si 1 Qe8, Qa4
    2 Qe5+ , Ka8
    3 Qh8 !
    And white wins now

  18. Having now checked on your solution I do not understand the point of moving first to g8 …
    Why not play directly the queen on e8 !?

  19. Omg! And you can’t play qf4 because then they have qa1+ and after qa4 qxa4+ kb8 qa7 is mate!

  20. the first move is unnecessary, cause white queen can go to e8 as the first move and have the same result at the end…

  21. Could you pin the FEN in the comments? I YouTube won't let copy text from the description text.

  22. This puzzle is on chess kid’s triangulation video as well

  23. I saw this puzzle years ago in Horowitz's book All About Chess. I don't get why the queen can't just immediately move to e8 or even after Qg8, why not Qg3+ next? Stockfish calculates the forced mate as you played it.

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