Can you DRAW this? (endgame trick)

boom boom pow 2nd upload today cause the first one i made in like 10 minutes and it was doo doo, also magnus carlsen played this and he got it right so that was pretty cool

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  1. This channel is absolutely run by an IM.

  2. Forgot the vine boom on the "Black is approaching from behind" ☠️

  3. What this is just wrong, you can draw with a knight, you move king h7

  4. Bruh, give us 5s to think about your puzzle. Its annoying that i have to rewatch the video… big no no

  5. That feeling when you got all the moves right

  6. Bro explain all the wrong way but not the right one

  7. Bruh why not king to H7 after horse promotion

  8. When he did knight he could have gone h7 then g8 take take draw insufficient material

  9. You can actually draw with the horse you just gotta move the other way, correct me if I'm wrong

  10. POV: I am watching a maths teacher who gives HW.

  11. Im literally dead from the vine boom sfx every come joke💀💀💀

  12. Can you draw?

    Yeah thats easy I'll just take the white pawn.

  13. Does any one know the name of the song in the background?

  14. "Can you draw"
    Bruh how do i draw frickin chess it will take days 💀💀💀

  15. Please stop using the horse sound effect. I fuckint hate horse. No offense tho

  16. I might not be able to draw but can you finish your own video?

  17. The intense soundtrack and sfx together for chess have me dying.

  18. Bro put a horse sound for the Knight 😭😭

  19. If black king goes F6, can’t white king go H7, and if rook check, then white king goes G8 still watching the knight?

  20. instead of going to h5 why dont you go to h7

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