Can you DRAW this? (endgame trick)

boom boom pow 2nd upload today cause the first one i made in like 10 minutes and it was doo doo, also magnus carlsen played this and he got it right so that was pretty cool

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  1. Wait after promoting to a knight you don’t have to lose it you can go to it’s left by pushing your king then rook takes you take it’s a draw

  2. In the knight one after Kf6 white can go Kh7, Rh1 check, and Kg8 threatens stalemate

  3. After knight pronotion
    you can play king h7 and then g8

  4. You can Repeat the move because if you move the same move 3 times its a draw

  5. I love money Anti Lgbt & Anti Furries 🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

    Nice tips👍

  6. The boom sound effect after "the black king is ready to come in" got me💀

  7. Push the pawn and if rook checks hide behind the pawn

  8. Wait so a after I promote to knight and they threaten checkmate I can’t play king h7?

  9. Why exactly does king h7 not work in the knight variation?

  10. “Can you draw?”
    No i failed art school.

  11. “can you draw this ?”
    *takes pawn with rook resulting in white king taking back the rook and draws by insufficient material

  12. U will not lose knight if you go 7 file and after going 8 file protects knight to ans not checkmated

  13. Ph7 then rh1 then ph8+ then rxh8 then Kxh8 1/2

  14. If it need a draw just eat the pawn with the rook and king takes then it's draw

  15. You could have promoted to a knight

  16. After promoting into the knight you can go up and after rook check you're still defending the knight

  17. Push the other way with the king after promoting to a knight.

  18. If you premote to a knight you can just play King to h7

  19. When you promote to a knight just go the other way instead of letting the skewr happen right? sry im 800 elo

  20. I love how he misses so much killer moves with white and black

  21. Move your pawn up if he checks your king move into the corner after that no matter what black does its stalematr

  22. Take the pawn. Draw by insufficient material

  23. After king f6 was moved why not move the king to h7? it protects the knight and the black king cant go up because of the knight

  24. "Can you draw?"
    *shakes opponent's hand and draws*

  25. I don't know exactly how to draw because I can't pause the video fast enough,but probably the king draws by being obstinate by going up and down above the pawn ,🤷‍♂️

  26. You don’t draw if you promote to a knight, just move king towards knight to protect it

  27. When you make a knight move down since it comes with a check but not check mate and he can’t follow since the knight protects the square and he can’t take knight after

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