Can You Win QUEEN Endgames?

Can You Win QUEEN Endgames?

Too many chess players agree on a draw when kings and queens are left on the board. I show you today that it’s possible to keep winning chances even if your opponent has a queen as well. If you’re a beginner or just starting out, this video is a great way to learn the basics of chess.

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Enjoy The Video!


  1. If I was playing black I would've sac my queen to king and hope for a stalemate

  2. Qa5# is correct. As the king is protecting B6,7, and 8.

  3. He can't stop a checkmate but he can create a stalemate

  4. After king c7 what if the queen gives a check
    Anyways j’adore tes vidéos

  5. black could avoid checkmate by sacrificing the queen to b8 and check the white king, but the next move is still checkmate

  6. Somehow I managed to guess C7 at the end.

  7. qeen A5 before king c7 checmate too

  8. queen a5 beacuse the white king is already blocking the path to the front of the black king

  9. Qa5#, game over, you lose, Black. 😂😂

  10. Qb6 Ka8 Qb8 Checkmate
    I found the king move because it's the only one that made sense to trap the king in a closed place to be able to checkmate later

  11. The first of your puzzles I’ve actually solved! Yay!

  12. Queen to a5 and i saw the king move i think it is because my brother is really good in chees thanks brother

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