Carlsen’s endgame sorcery | Carlsen vs Aronian | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019

Check out this amazing game that took place between Aronian and Carlsen in round 7 of the Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019. It was sheer endgame sorcery by Magnus.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Killing five minutes playing chess at a coughing tournament.

  2. Why do they look away like that? Trying not to reveal their thoughts or something?

  3. 13.27 fail moved , şah and casttle .d

  4. I never seen a single match tat Aronian ve won… i really donno hw he bcm a GM !!! 🙁

  5. 10:42 why didn't he just queen and after a couple of checks run to the c file where his rook protects the perpetual check?

  6. Are you sick? do you have a cold? have you been coughing a lot lately?
    — No, I'm not sick, I'm perfectly healthy —
    Sorry buddy, you can't come with me to the chess tournament.

  7. This competition is very unique and I’ve only been introduced to it now. The cough

  8. I watched with the sound off. It was much more pleasant.

  9. Tournament Official: May I have your ticket sir?
    Healthy Chess Lover: I have a cough.
    Tournament Official: Welcome sir, you can sit in the front seats.

  10. Lysergic Brainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal says:

    10:45 Aronian got pissed off & stayed pissed after Carlsen casted his 1st spell right there!

  11. People, who play chess are losers. No girlfriend, an outsider at work/school and a nerd. I would rather lose in chess than being a 45-year-old male virgin, who looks like Stan Laurel…

  12. All I hear is coughing lol (great game btw)

  13. Sagar bhai pls add a 2d board here of it's possible.

  14. Aronian could have place the king one step down , then he could have escaped from check and the game was still on.

  15. That rook move at the end was the game and the answer to the world why is he the best player in the world

  16. I'm not watching the game. I'm counting how many times Carlsen retrieves and toys with the chess pieces of Levon

  17. The chess board should be shown in the screen.

  18. It was a tuberculosis grudge match and a chess game broke out.

  19. Imagine travelled 1000 mikes to beat you at home lol😁

  20. We need to see moves, need second 2d board over video

  21. Watched the entire game as if i understand chess, and still clapped when they stood up..

  22. Why is there so much coughing on chess videos?

  23. Can anyone give me this chess board buy link

  24. From where I can buy this chess set

  25. gotta admit, did not see that rook sacrifice coming 😳

  26. Rc2 is brilliant move

  27. Someone call an ambulance 🚑, there is a person chocking to death.

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