Checkmate with 2 Bishops & King: Chess Endgame Strategy to Win Fast: Easy Tricks, Moves & Ideas

Checkmate with Two Bishops & a King in the Endgame. Do you think this is difficult? No, it isn’t. I have a very easy & simple chess strategy for you all. In this chess tutorial, I will show you the exact step-by-step moves that you need to play to win this game fast. The trick is to centralise your bishops, trap your opponent’s king into a corner, avoid stalemate and mate the white/black king within 50 moves. You will learn the best strategy to win the 2 bishop endgames. Here are the basic steps you need to follow:
1. Control the center with your bishops
2. Move your bishops to the center
3. Position your king just beside your bishops
4. Move your bishops in the opposite direction
5. Repeat step 3 and 4
6. Push & Trap the enemy king in the corner
7. Avoid stalemate
8. Checkmate your opponent

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  1. 2:19 you cant bring yout king in f5 that would be check

  2. Thanks For this Inportant and Helpful idea Keep up the Goodwork🙏🇵🇭

  3. Once i finished as a stalemate with similar material of two bishops

  4. Ye to easy he bhai ak akela raja 2 bishop and ak king se kab tak bachega.

  5. thanks, very helpfull. thidas from sri lanka

  6. 5.52 bishop f is abeautiful stalemate

  7. Hello sir, I'm having trouble in checkmating with my king and queen against king and rook. Can you please explain this in your video. This will be a great help.

  8. Bro queen d4 and king e4 what opening please tell me

  9. Your video is awesome.
    I like your video and I something learn form your video.

  10. Bro this is simple trick, we expect more from you!

  11. This chess had made many interesting tricks to win the Chess, thank you for learning us how to do something.

  12. Please… make a 2 knight only end game😭 it's too difficult for me to do this.. even the computer is unable to do so… is there really a solution for it??

  13. Thanks sir .

    Pls tell me if my opponent don't have a legal move in that case game will be draw or not.

  14. Isn't there any rule that we have only 50 move when one player is left with only a king

  15. Isn't it already draw when the opponent have only king

  16. I was in such a position and I did stale mate 😅

  17. What a chake mate dear wow mind blowing

  18. Please make a video of queen and opposite should be rook

  19. I want to know about drow and what happen when against has only king and i have 2 rook or 1 queen and 1 rook so on

  20. Is there any rule if opponent has only king and he moves 8 time only and match drow.

  21. The chesstalk is very good trick of chess

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