Checkmate with Knight & Bishop #1: Chess Endgame Strategy, Moves & Tricks to Win Fast | Puzzle

Checkmate with a Knight, a Bishop & a King in the Endgame. Do you think this is difficult? No, it isn’t. I have a very easy & simple chess strategy for you all. In this chess tutorial, I will show you some step-by-step moves that you need to play to win this game fast. The trick is to co-ordinate with all your pieces to restrict your opponent’s moves, avoid stalemate and finally mate the white/black king in the correct corner within 50 moves. In this chess video, you will learn the best method to win these type of endgames. Here are some basic tips:
1. Control the center with all your pieces
2. Drag your opponent’s king to an edge of the board by using the idea of restriction
3. Push the opponent’s king to the correct corner
4. Limit him to the corner 2 squares only
5. Avoid stalemate
6. And finally Checkmate your opponent with your bishop

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In the second part of this video, I will cover how to drag your opponent out of the wrong corner & then achieve a checkmate. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out.

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  1. Solution is to move rook to a3 such that it will protect pawn

  2. Thanks for your tip! You just earned yourself another subscriber.👍😎

  3. Thanks For Teaching me This Lesson , You Are also like a Teacher for me !

  4. rook to b7: nxpawn or n x rook. Either way way has the advantage

  5. The puzzle answer is Rb6. If pawn into b6, then we can promote our pawn and destroy black.

  6. Rook b7. Black cannot protect his own pawn and the white pawn to promote at the same time.

  7. Thinking of all these moves when you have less than 2 minutes left is almost impossible. Great video though.

  8. Rb6 as if axb6, then a8=Q is unstoppable and if black just moves his king then Rc6 threatens the knight and if knight takes pawn we win with rook and king endgame and if knight moves then Rc7 and on the next move we can take a7 then move our king to the pawn and rook out of the way and promote

  9. Rb7 is the best move: threatens to take the pawn, and if the knight takes the rook, you can just promote the pawn easily. If Black decides to go for a check, they lose their only piece and it's as easy a win or better.

  10. Hi sir ,I started playing chess in 8yrs old one day l saw your video and I like it very much your explanation was very clear thank you very much sir

  11. Very nice knight and bishop end game! Thankyou!

  12. Solution of puzzel Rb6!! if pawn takes then you simply promote to queen. If black moves its knight then you move Rb7 and take the a7 pawn in next move and promote. After Rb6 if black moves any piece except a7 pawn and Knight then your next move is Rc6 attacking black's knight. And you get a winning position


  14. Hindi me bola Karo sir
    English me toh foreigners ke chanal bhi hai ❗

  15. Puzzle A
    R – B7
    If NxB7
    Black can any play
    White can play B8 = Q and White wins


    If is didn't take than
    RxA7 and White wins easily

  16. Sir are you on lichess? I would like to play with you 😂

  17. Rb7, Nxb7,axb7 Then black will lost the game.

  18. Rook to b5 to pin or to folk the black's night

  19. Puzzle- Rb7 threatening to take on a7 and if night takes we take back with the pawn and nothing can stop us white to queen unless white is samay Raina 😁

  20. Puzzle – Sac the rook on b7 to promote the a6 pawn. If the knight does not capture , we take the a7 pawn and guard the seventh rank to avoid knd7, knb6, kna8.

  21. It's Rook to b7 bc if he takes the rook, you can take back with your pawn and if he takes the pawn, we can take his pawn and winso that forces Knight to b3

  22. I guess b7 is the best move for white (puzzle)

  23. I also won because of this….video thanks 😊

  24. Kb2 start with.. if captures K×N and game will convert in KP endgame while king had the close to the box of passer! If nt then game continues.. N×a6, Kc3, Nc5, Ra3, Ne4+, Kd3, Nc5+.. and so on.. ultimately in the end he had to give his knight and position will be winning for white!👍

  25. can you please share me your chess universe ID

  26. Rb6 if pawn captures our rook we push our pawn and black cannot stop us from promoting to a queen after that somehow i will pin the knight and bring my king closer and finish the knight and the pawn and checkmate him with my queen or i will skewer the knight and his king and finish the game . Good video and very useful

  27. Rb7 because if night takes the rook then pawn can be promoted to queen

  28. You are a great teacher. You explain concepts clearly. Thank you.

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