Checkmate with Knight & Bishop #1: Chess Endgame Strategy, Moves & Tricks to Win Fast | Puzzle

Checkmate with a Knight, a Bishop & a King in the Endgame. Do you think this is difficult? No, it isn’t. I have a very easy & simple chess strategy for you all. In this chess tutorial, I will show you some step-by-step moves that you need to play to win this game fast. The trick is to co-ordinate with all your pieces to restrict your opponent’s moves, avoid stalemate and finally mate the white/black king in the correct corner within 50 moves. In this chess video, you will learn the best method to win these type of endgames. Here are some basic tips:
1. Control the center with all your pieces
2. Drag your opponent’s king to an edge of the board by using the idea of restriction
3. Push the opponent’s king to the correct corner
4. Limit him to the corner 2 squares only
5. Avoid stalemate
6. And finally Checkmate your opponent with your bishop

I also have a special surprise for you in this video. It’s a face reveal video. You get to see the Face Behind Chess Talk – Jeetendra Advani.
In the second part of this video, I will cover how to drag your opponent out of the wrong corner & then achieve a checkmate. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out.

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  1. me : works hard to learn and implement this in the game
    my opponent : resigns

  2. I didn’t even know this kind of checkmate was possible

  3. Aap please videos m direct point ki baat kiya kare… Har video m apki 2, 3 minutes tak kuch bhi seekhne ko nhi milta 🙏

  4. Holy jesus. This is rocket science

  5. You are inspiring man for CHESS thanks jitendra advani🍓🍓

  6. Chess Puzzle: Rook b7, since black pawn doesn't have a support, knight will try kill one of the piece where in mostly it will be killing the pawn later from that we need to figure it out to do the checkmate

  7. Rook b7 is just winning if knight capture pawn promotion in queen

  8. I just have failed to checkmate my opponent with a bishop and knight ! so I am here ! 😭

  9. Just rook b7 if knight capture the rook i just recapture the knight and make a queen in second move but if knight dose not capture the rook i capture the pawn if knight capture the pawn i recapture the pawn and with the help of rook i can easily checkmate

  10. Thank you Guruji, was looking for this. I watch your videos everyday and my game has really improved.

  11. Rook to b7, knight takes on b7, pawn takes on b7 and we can get our queen even if knight doesnt take we can eliminate the pawn on a7

  12. I just drew a match 'cause I didn't know how to checkmate with a Knight and a Bishop; and the first thing I do after kinda losing that winning position is watch this video.

  13. Well i can do that
    And then whatever black do he/she can't win

  14. Best move for white is to move rook to C3, then black will capture pown undoubtedly then we put rook to a3 capturing his knight or pown and he will save his knight giving his pown after that we can take his knight as well because we all know that how dangerous rook is and we can check mate with our king and rook

  15. You don't need to remind people to subscribe my friend, they will if you are good, and you are! Otherwise keep the great job!

  16. Move the rook to b7. The knight takes the rook. The pawn at a6 can take the knight and advance to make the queen.

  17. sacrifise our rook if pawn takes we will promote out pawn to qween !!

  18. best move for teh white is sacrifice rook.. B5

  19. Dost mujhe Green pen user banna hai kyuki sapne green hai.

  20. There is 1 way to mate on the side in this endgame put the opponent’s king on h5 put a your bishop on G5 and your king on f5 and a knight on F6

  21. The right move is rb6 then the black pawn then pawn a7 then the black will try to give us check continuous but he can't then pawn a8 making our queen then the game is our side

  22. I feel like even if i achieve grandmaster title i will never be able to learn how to do this xD

  23. Rook to b7 is the Best Move as if Knight takes the Rook, the Pawn will take the Knight and advance forward, making a queen. Whereas, if Knight takes the white pawn on a6, the Rook will take the pawn on a7 and we will have a knight and rook endgame, which White will win if h successfully isolates the Knight from its King eventually killing it.

  24. The ans is – Rb7 if Nxb7 then axb7 then the promoting is unstoppable

  25. 1.Rb6 Kd2 2.Rc6 Ne4 3.Rc7 Kd3 4.Rxa7 Nc5 5.Ra8 Nxa6 6.Rxa6 Kc3 7.Ka2 Kc4 8.Ra4+ Kc5 9.Kb2 Kb5 10.Ka3 Kc5 11.Kb3 Kd5 12.Kc3 Ke5 13.Kd3 Kd5 14.Ra5+ Ke6 15.Kd4 Kf6 16.Re5 Kg6 17.Kc5 Kf6 18.Kd6 Kg7 19.Ke7 Kg6 20.Ke6 Kg7 21.Kf5 Kf7 22.Re6 Kg7 23.Re7+ Kg8 24.Ke5 Kf8 25.Kf6 Kg8 26.Re8+ Kh7 27.Rd8 Kh6 28.Rh8#

  26. I just did a check mate with rook,bishop and knight

  27. Rb5, so it threatens the knight, afterwards if black removes the knight white can capture the pawn in 2 moves

  28. 10:01 rook to b2 because if pawn takes promoting to the queen is unstoppable.

  29. Knight+Bishop=rook
    If u think about it they are equal for example taking a enemy rook while sacrificing 1 Bishop and one knight is not really an advantage it's quite noticeable during the match

  30. 16 moves over ho gaya h count kar bhai Game draw ho gaya h.

  31. I love chess talk i won a game in this video

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