Checkmate with Knight & Bishop #1: Chess Endgame Strategy, Moves & Tricks to Win Fast | Puzzle

Checkmate with a Knight, a Bishop & a King in the Endgame. Do you think this is difficult? No, it isn’t. I have a very easy & simple chess strategy for you all. In this chess tutorial, I will show you some step-by-step moves that you need to play to win this game fast. The trick is to co-ordinate with all your pieces to restrict your opponent’s moves, avoid stalemate and finally mate the white/black king in the correct corner within 50 moves. In this chess video, you will learn the best method to win these type of endgames. Here are some basic tips:
1. Control the center with all your pieces
2. Drag your opponent’s king to an edge of the board by using the idea of restriction
3. Push the opponent’s king to the correct corner
4. Limit him to the corner 2 squares only
5. Avoid stalemate
6. And finally Checkmate your opponent with your bishop

I also have a special surprise for you in this video. It’s a face reveal video. You get to see the Face Behind Chess Talk – Jeetendra Advani.
In the second part of this video, I will cover how to drag your opponent out of the wrong corner & then achieve a checkmate. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out.

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  1. Hello, in my opinion the best move for white would be Ra3

    The explanation is very long for this and I don't think that I have enough time to write the explanation. Smart one's can understand own there own.

    Reply how many are able to understand

  2. Sir but stalemate happens in 26 moves right? So won't it be draw ?

  3. Which move we will move when the Black King-f5,Black bishop-f6, Black knight-e7 and white king-h6
    We are black.

  4. Puzzle solution: Rb6
    If pawn takes rook, white's pawn is passed.
    In the end, white's pawn gets passed by the capture of black's pawn or by rook sacrifice.

    If Nxa6, Rxa6 and white can elementary mate after some moves

    Couldn't find any pinned comment like Advani said in the video, so I solved and checked on an engine.

  5. This is worng black bisop can beat the whit corner also

  6. Rook to B6
    If pawn kill rook we just forward white pawn and get queen and then check mate

  7. Rb7. if knight takes took capture with pawn and promote to queen this is a winning endgame for white. if white plays Nxa6. play Rxa7 and again this is a winning endgame for white.

    note: this probably isn't the most efficient but tbh it was already a winning endgame for white so you just need to not blunder

  8. Sir you can make a video for checkmate with 2 Knights and a king

  9. This was the most helpful video of all your videos. Thank you Jeetendra

  10. Rook b7, knight take rook and white take knight with pawn and our queen is back

  11. that's nice. i usually finish it with bishop instead of knight.

  12. Best move for white would be rook at b3 to b6

  13. Rb7 is completely winning as Nxb7 is not possible everyone knows and then sure the cute a7 pawn is gone!!!

  14. hey jitendra i want to practice this on my own multiple time is there any app where i can do that bcoz what ever i download I don't find that kind of free board, its always either u play with someone else or computer or analyse etc, but i am looking board like i m playing my self at home and practicing something like two bishop or this kind of checkmate

  15. Sir how to do checkmate with two Knights

  16. Puzzle Solution:

    1. Rb7
    If takes, axb7 then you can simply promote the pawn.
    If declines, Rxa7 and you can win this game easily.

  17. Sir grandmaster banne me kitna kharcha hota hai

  18. I will just sacrifice them before the endgame so I don't end up like this

  19. U always trade my Knights and bishops

  20. Tell me how to check by two horse

  21. Bro help for covid people who r suffering for oxygenBalu Sharma says:

    Sacrifice rook and get minister

  22. It feels so bad when you crush the opponent but end up with a stalemate

  23. Today I lost a match where I had two knights , one bishop against a lonely black king. I just resigned bcoz I had only 50 second and my opponent had 3 minutes . Then I searched this video . Thanks it was helpful ❤️ 😔

  24. its way simpler with a king and a rook…

  25. How About The Bishop Block Over And Over Again Over And Over And Over Again?

  26. Make a to trial on a dark square bishop endgame like this

  27. The best move for white is Rook to b6 because if the black pawn takes our Rook then we can push our pawn to a7 and finally to a8 and then we can simply promote a queen and checkmate the black king.

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